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Art by Alan Blackwell. Strider's Strikers arrive in Miranda's Altomere continent for training drills. Among the Mechwarriors in this deployment are Mace Volt in his 70-ton Guillotine, Duo Maxwell in his 80-ton Hatamoto-chi, Mike Strider in his 75-ton Orion, Devon Carns in his 100-ton Dire Wolf, and Sasha Breen in her 40-ton Battle Cobra. These five Mechwarriors will work as a single Star in this exercise.

Strider's Strikers Deploy

Art by Alan Blackwell. The Crusaders deploy as they land in an area West of the Stricken Desert.

The Crusaders Deploy

Art by Alan Blackwell. Acer's Hueys have been around since the Fourth Succession War. Led by their founder Ace Leghorn, the Hueys have kept a low profile for much of their career. Ace believes the Draconis Combine's government is out to get him and his unit, but this paranoia eventually robbed him of the ability to command his team. His son Merrick has since taken up the position of commander.

Acer's Hueys Deploy

Strider's Strikers is a mercenary band composed of veterans, retired bandits, various House misfits, Warden warriors of Clans Nova Cat and Steel Viper, solahmas, and bondsmen. One of the few units to gather Inner Sphere tactics with Clan warriors, the Strikers grew from an unsupported lance into a regiment-sized team over their first 7 years. The unit was selected by Nova Cat Khans to bridge the gap between Clan and Inner Sphere doctrine. It adopted several Clan members to create a joint fighting force with a unique warrior mix. Strider's Strikers subcontract Acer's Hueys and the Crusaders, two company-sized mercenary units. Acer's Hueys is an elite unit formed in 3022. The Crusaders is an offshoot of the Knights of the Inner Sphere and was formed in 3056 by ex-Knights. Both smaller units also work independently.

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