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In the aftermath of the nuclear strike on the Trilobite Moon, the Word of Blake attacks Strider's Strikers Headquarters once again. The command company's barracks takes the brunt of the focused attack and ultimately results in the deaths of both Mike Strider and Devon Carns. Cecil of the Nova Cats assumes command of the Nova Cats, while Ryan Allen temporarily takes command of the Inner Sphere half of the team. Shortly thereafter the Strikers regroup to a temporary base. This base suffers a followup attack however, and this firebombing devastates another barracks facility only to result in the deaths of many Mechwarriors.

While Strider's Strikers suffer at the hands of the Blakists, the Crusaders mercenary unit takes its own actions to attack Blakist bases elsewhere. The Crusaders' commander Sir Alec de Payens intends to draw fire away from the Strikers. At the same time, the Strikers take action after Cecil decides that a retaliatory orbital strike against the Blakists will discourage further attacks and even the odds. Though the strike does indeed destroy a large number of Blakist units, it also unintentionally results in the deaths of hundreds of Mirandan civilians.

In their new temporary camp, the Clan members of the unit are attacked by Blakist spies with poison. However the attack is relatively minor, killing only one Mechwarrior and a few technicians. Though the Strikers survive this attack mostly intact, their sense of security is greatly affected. As the Crusaders unit continues to strike at Blakist bases whenever possible, they also endure a raid by Ghost Bear forces.


the Strikers H.Q. is attacked, resulting in the deaths of most of the command company. Other personnel are killed as security is compromised. Survivors are ordered to fall back to a temporary meeting place. Cecil assumes command after Devon falls in battle while patrolling the invaded territory. Mike is killed by enemy soldiers,


everybody dies!

2. Fire Unleashed...AEROTECH

the Blakists follow up their decapitating strike with a firebombing to the mercenary unit's temporary barracks, a bombing that results in more than 20 grisly deaths.


Fitzroy and his company are mostly killed.

3. A Crusader's Logic...BATTLETECH

a situation arises in which Alec de Payens and his Crusaders have a unique opportunity. upon discovering a poorly guarded Blakist base near their current deployment area, the team jumps at the chance to get some payback.


the Crusaders attack and destroy a small group of Blakist forces. They are able to capture supplies and tactical information on the Word of Blake as a direct result, even managing to recruit a few Mechwarrior prisoners from the complex located on-site.

4. Cecil's Wrath...BATTLESPACE

the Clan half's temporary commander decides on a naval strike against the Blakist death teams responsible for his unit's Inner Sphere losses and the loss of his side's commander.


the new lostech Arbiter warship fires upon the regrouping Blakist forces. The resulting naval bombardment kills hundreds of civilians as well as the bulk of the Blakist force.

5. The Right Place at the Right Time...BATTLETECH

the Crusaders opportunistically strike again at yet another base in their deployment area. this time they find their enemies are a small scout force of Ghost Bears that have arrived on planet only days before.


a small group of Ghost Bear scout Mechs led by a Ryoken must attempt to fend off two lances of the Crusaders newest recruits.

6. Poisoning...MECHWARRIOR

the Clan units suffer a poisoning attack by Blakist spies


Claudia dies in the poisoning of the water

7. A Bear Too Big...BATTLETECH

the Ghost Bears receive additional support in the form of several second line Mechs. however the older technology proves a difficult match for even the Crusaders fantastic technological might. two stars of the enemy Mechs battle Alec and his assault lance directly.


10 second line Ghost Bear Mechs attempt to defend themselves against Alec and his command lance supported by the team's original assault lance. the results are varied, with Clan technology being captured but the loss of valuable Crusaders equipment at the same time.

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