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As the commandos move deck by deck through the Arbiter Warship, the small Striker's aerospace fleet successfully avoid destruction at the hands of their enemy's aerospace firepower. When the Strikers commandos capture the bridge intact, the friendly forces outside dock with the massive spacecraft. Once they have positioned themselves near the loading port elevators, the Strikers move into the Arbiter Warship's main bay lance by lance. Devon Carns and Sir Owen Hardcastle establish a stronghold inside the bay complex. Facing off against thousands of tons of enemy Mechs, the Striker assault group narrowly succeeds in taking over the bay area within the Arbiter ship without major damage to the ship's hull. When the pirate forces aboard the ship are captured and a bounty is collected for their imprisonment, the Strikers begin refitting the Warship with what little equipment they have. The mercenaries immediately begin searching for crew for the ship, disguising the hiring processes as those for several smaller craft assignments. The Clan members of the Strikers declare that they cannot keep the Warship secret from their superiors. After intense debating, Nova Cat liaison Savalas and Nova Cat commander Devon Carns agree to delay to inform their superiors of the mercenary's significant aerospace gain. Sasha Breen of the Steel Vipers however refuses to keep such a secret from her commanders in the Steel Vipers. Before Sasha can send word to her superiors, she is challenged by a Nova Cat warrior to a Trial of Refusal to challenge her authority. Sasha confronts the officer in single combat to determine whether or not she can risk the Strikers future by informing the Steel Vipers Khan.

1. Storming the Bridge...ARMORTECH

After fending off several squads of assault guards, the commando hijackers of the Strikers move cautiously through the ship's decks. Moving into the Arbiter-class Warship's command levels, a team of the Strikers best remaining commandos must infiltrate the bridge. With both Battle Armor and regular zero-G operatives working together, the commandos attack the bridge's guards and use special tactics to prevent the pirate commanders from destroying the Warship's controls.

2. The Battle Continues...BATTLESPACE

Gaining access to the ship's control room, the commandos and scientists open the Warship's main loading port to let the Strikers assault Mechs into the enormous storage bay area. The friendly forces outside the ship must maneuver their spacecraft into a docking position. Meanwhile the Strikers small group of aerospace fighters must continue to ward off the Thunderdome Minions' remaining fighters in the last moves to protect their hijacking team of Mechs.

3. Into the Belly...BATTLETECH

With the Mech forces moving into the Arbiter Warship's main bay in assault lances, the Strikers hijacking unit find themselves facing an impressive array of heavy and assault enemy Mech guards. The Thunderdome Minions array of Clan and Inner Sphere machines are determined to keep the invaders from taking the Warship bay area. Struggling to replace their falling Mechs in a race against time, the Strikers must replenish their forces while making gains against the Arbiter's protectors.


With their Warship acquired and a window of opportunity to muster any defensive forces they might need to protect the ship, the Strikers begin refitting the ship and modified its enormous cargo bay to their needs. Though they know the incredible power the Arbiter bears, the Strikers are reluctant to use it or make it known to any outside forces. Instead they fall into a quiet sense of hiding, as the Nova Cats and Steel Vipers liaison groups are discouraged by their Inner Sphere counterparts to report the team's recent gain. Though Mechwarrior Savalas is convinced to keep the information quiet from the Nova Cats for a short time, Sasha Breen of the Steel Vipers cannot be argued with. Issuing a Trial of Refusal to make the argument both official and honorable, a Nova Cat warrior attempts to keep her from reporting in to her superiors.

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