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1. Acer's Hueys Return...BATTLESPACE

the Hueys return amid public hate for the Strikers unit. the Hueys themselves have had enough, with some of their unit already being killed in similar rioting just months ago. the Hueys announce their proposed plan of integration into the Strikers unit. they also push for the entire unit to evacuate their homeworld and board the Arbiter warship experimentally for the next several months. broadcasted signals from the Word of Blake apparently indicate that the terrorist groups have hijacked the local media. the Clan half loses its fight to remain on planet, and all Strikers forces and subteams are transferred onto the Arbiter warship. the newy recruited Clan and Inner Sphere Arbiter crew run a series of mock battles to check their readiness to another Ghost Bear attack.


the strikers retreat to a position off-planet

2. Teaming Up...BATTLETECH

all units take part in a massive training exercise in Mech simulators on-board the Arbiter.


a big competition occurs

3. Parting Ways...BATTLETECH CCG

inner sphere strikers push clan members to aid grant blanchon, the strikers' informant and ally on wasat. clan members refuse to divide their resources for this task, and so the inner sphere members challenge them for the resources.


acers hueys deck versus clan strikers deck

4. Duo's Duel...BATTLETECH

with key members of the inner sphere half of the strikers away to wasat, duo maxwell finds himself with little support. he is challenged by clan members of the unit, attempting to replace his co-commander position with a more aggressive supporter of sasha breen's attacks on the blakists.


duo versus a clan opponent in a one on one match

5. The Black Dragon's Head...BATTLETECH CCG

inner sphere strikers versus the black dragons.


those left among the inner sphere strikers locate ichirin endo's military operations base and strike against it.

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