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This war in the Inner Sphere went through many stages. Each of these stages is commonly known as a Succession War. During the Succession Wars, alliances were made and destroyed, with no single House ever really dominating another. After the fourth Succession War, the Inner Sphere seemed relatively peaceful for nearly 10 years. Then in 3050, the Inner Sphere was invaded by the descendants of Aleksandr Kerensky. Kerensky's descendants had evolved into a war based society called The Clans. The Clans used genetic breeding programs and advancing technologies to promote their warring society. Meanwhile Inner Sphere technologies had ceased to advance, and even some technology was lost to the constant fighting of the 5 political houses. The Inner Sphere united to form a new Star League, primarily to combat the Clan threat. After 12 years the Clans have finally been halted, though they conquered a large portion of the Inner Sphere. A shaky treaty has been approved, with the Clans honor system hindering further invasion of the Inner Sphere planets. Now the Inner Sphere fights for its lost worlds, and hopes to one day control all of what it has lost.
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