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Players...Old and new, these are the faces of the Strider's Strikers players group.

Todd joined the game while we were all in college, back in the days when we lived and breathed BattleTech. He is now in the military service and working with nuclear weapons. Todd helped keep general interest going in the game and has contributed to the website in the past.

Pic Inspiration!

Lives in: California, United States of America
Prefers: Clans (why? Clan culture and society)
Main Interests: Video Games, Animation and Movies, Sci Fi and Fantasy Literature, Hockey
Other Sci Fi Interests: Star Trek (Original Series), White Wolf, Various Japanese Anime Titles
Movies: Akira, The French Connection
Primary Characters: Star Captain Sasha Breen (original character), Solahama Warrior Fox, Mechwarrior Rally, Mechwarrior Claudia

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