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Gallery Main Page (current page)-

The introductory gallery features a lot of the artwork created for our site.

Characters Page-

Important characters and minor characters are featured in artwork by Nikola Temkov and Leonardo M. Giron. Works by Nikola are the standard original art of each character and have been used as the source material for all other art that include characters from our story. Works by Leonardo M. Giron have been made to scale so their actual heights and proportions are accurate.

Mechs Gallery Page-

This gallery shows the variety of BattleMechs used in our storyline, most of which are piloted by our characters or their enemies. Art is done by several artists, including David White, Matt Plog, Anthony C. Scroggins, Lou Myers, Chris Kotthoff, and Skipper Lee.

Environments Gallery Page-

The non-canon world of Miranda, which exists in the same solar system as the canon planet of Labrea, is drawn to life by artist Danil Shunkov. Danil Shunkov's pieces feature notable areas of Miranda, especially those that have a significant role in the storyline of Strider's Strikers. These pictures also contain creatures inspired by the art of Justin Currie and John Bankier.

Alien Lifeforms Gallery Page-

This gallery displays a collection of notable alien life in and around the planet of Miranda, the Labrea system as a whole and other systems within the Draconis Combine and Irece Prefecture. Art is done by Kat Wylder.

Miniatures Gallery Page-

Here you can find a collection of pictures from old and new of miniatures painted by the Strider's Strikers Players Group. Though many of our earlier minis were painted when we were beginners, some of our later works show off a bit of skill.

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