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It should first be noted that Dr. Suzy Evans' rank of Lance Commander is a gross understatement. Suzy has s.
Mike was also apt in tactics. Though he excelled at planning attacks and defenses, he was also able to recognize the skill in others around him. Bowing to others' opinions when he realized their value, he often followed the lead of fellow tacticians on the Strikers team: Ransway Burke, Mural Rye-Del, Devon Carns, and Cliff Huxtable.
Mike often led fights directly without the protection offered most commanding officers. This led to a number of close calls during his career, including cases in which his Mech's cockpit was directly hit and he'd only survived by sheer chance. This prompted his command lance to devise their own private strategy to protect their lance commander.
He was also known to side with Clan members during team discussions and debates. However he seemingly betrayed his Clan allies when he covertly hired assassin Alexus Capone to kill a powerful enemy of Strider's Strikers. The backlash sent Mike all the way to the bottom when he became a Nova Cat bondsman after Devon Carns bested him in a Trial of Refusal. However Mike soon earned his way back to commander when Devon freed him of the bondcord and promoted him back to co-commander of the unit. Mike then again resumed his command of the Inner Sphere half of the team.
Mike was a savage opponent in Mech versus Mech physical combat. His experience with his 100-ton Berserker assault Mech made him an expert with Mechs armed with physical weapons. Despite his talent with such weapons, he changed Mechs after concluding that physical combat bore too many dangers for any commanding officer to regularly attempt.

Acer's Hueys,
Lance Commander Dr. Suzy Evans

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