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Colonel Duo Maxwell grew up as an orphan after his parents' deaths. Raised by monks and provided with a top-notch education, he became almost entirely independent by the age of fourteen. His unique upbringing and subsequent training with both guerrilla fighters and a traditional samurai have molded him into a soldier of the highest caliber.
Duo is known for his devotion to his personal code of honor. Somewhat of an anomaly within the Strider's Strikers mercenary group, he insists on dueling in most combat situations. Because of this unique trait, he often clashes honorably with Clan members of the group. He also regularly calls for physical combat in Mech warfare.
Duo is also a particularly intelligent opponent. He exercises caution and rarely overextends himself even when given ample chance and confidence to do so. He usually holds his own in combat and has therefore become a natural leader by example. Mike Strider and Devon Carns recognized this quality quickly and opted to promote Duo to a company commander when given the proper chance to do so.
Because of Duo's innate sense of caution, the mercenary group has seemingly become more careful in the time since its original commanders were killed. Duo does not share either of his previous commanders' senses of adventure or glory. He neither takes unnecessary risks as did Mike, nor does he seek a glorified death as did Devon as a Clan warrior. This significant departure from the team's previous style of command has brought criticism from a variety of Mechwarriors, especially those from Clan backgrounds who find themselves stuck on the Inner Sphere mercenary team.
Also to be noted is Duo's rich history of rivalry with Devon, the original Clan member of the mercenary group. Several of his duels, usually referred to as Trials by the Clan members of the team, are well-known amongst the various Strider's Strikers personnel. These matches earned Duo respect throughout the unit - a respect that now aides him.

Strider's Strikers, Inner Sphere
Colonel Duo Maxwell

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