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The Strider's Strikers Mercenary Cooperative – Mech Assets



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Reinforced Strider's Strikers Command Company

  • Inner Sphere
    Scout Lance-
    The Invaders
  • Inner Sphere
    Command Lance-
    The Others
  • Inner Sphere
    Assault Lance-
  • Clan
    Solahma Star-
    Backup Star
  • 40-ton Battle Cobra piloted by Sasha Breen
  • 35-ton Raven piloted by Andrew Allen
  • 20-ton Hornet piloted by Tony Hopkins
  • 30-ton Spider piloted by Marc Lucas
  • 75-ton Orion piloted by Mike Strider
  • 100-ton Grand Titan piloted by Mark Pike
  • 70-ton Guillotine piloted by Mace Volt
  • 70-ton Infighter piloted by Ryan Allen
  • 100-ton Dire Wolf piloted by Devon Carns
  • 85-ton Tai-Sho piloted by Dana Douglas
  • 100-ton Devastator piloted by Xandar Harlow
  • 100-ton Mackie piloted by Jim Davis
  • 55-ton Bushwhacker piloted by Fox
  • 70-ton Barghest piloted by Cyric
  • 80-ton Stunt Loader piloted by Dante
  • 35-ton Wolfhound piloted by Jarred
  • 95-ton Sirocco piloted by Shard

Reinforced Strider's Strikers Clan Command Trinary

  • Clan
    Scout Star-
    Hard Target
  • Clan
    Alpha Star-
    The Red Wings
  • Clan
    Beta Star-
  • Clan
    Zeta Star-
    Backup Star
  • 50-ton Nova A piloted by Hamner
  • 35-ton Adder A piloted by Jackson
  • 30-ton Kit Fox H piloted by Borg
  • 25-ton Mist Lynx H piloted by Ellison
  • 20-ton Fire Moth H piloted by Donovan
  • 70-ton Nova Cat Prime piloted by Cecil
  • 90-ton Blood Asp Prime piloted by Edge
  • 80-ton Gargoyle C piloted by Rosa
  • 70-ton Summoner C piloted by Rydia
  • 40-ton Viper Prime piloted by Kain
  • 85-ton Warhawk C piloted by Stenson
  • 95-ton Turkina B piloted by Cavanah
  • 95-ton Executioner A piloted by Jules
  • 60-ton Mad Dog Prime piloted by Dirk
  • 70-ton Nova Cat Prime piloted by Savalas
  • 65-ton Cauldron Born A piloted by Claudia
  • 75-ton Black Python piloted by Aisling
  • 90-ton Supernova piloted by Rally
  • 75-ton Timber Wolf A piloted by Asante
  • 65-ton Crossbow Prime piloted by Simon

Reinforced Strider's Strikers Assault Company

  • Inner Sphere
    Pursuit Lance-
    Living Furies
  • Inner Sphere
    Knight Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Thunder Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Blitz Lance-
    Backup Lance
  • 40-ton Assassin piloted by Norbert Owens
  • 25-ton Nexus piloted by Melissa Fox
  • 35-ton Hollander piloted by Gretta Anderson
  • 20-ton Wasp piloted by Carl Phagen
  • 95-ton Albatross piloted by Owen Hardcastle
  • 90-ton Cyclops piloted by Christopher Steiner
  • 85-ton Black Watch piloted by Ted Conrad
  • 65-ton Jinggau piloted by Daryl Zero
  • 95-ton Hauptmann piloted by Sameer Carter
  • 75-ton War Dog piloted by Vincent Thomas
  • 65-ton Loki Prime piloted by Linus Evett
  • 95-ton Nightstar piloted by Peter Gabriel
  • 50-ton Blitzkrieg piloted by Maria Perez
  • 30-ton Osiris piloted by Dicky Laroo
  • 50-ton Uziel piloted by Robert Fitzroy
  • 60-ton Argus piloted by Ryke Patterson

Reinforced Strider's Strikers Defensive Company

  • Inner Sphere
    Stinger Lance-
    The Burners
  • Inner Sphere
    Guardian Lance-
    Open Minds
  • Inner Sphere
    Hammer Lance-
    Friendly Sharks
  • Inner Sphere
    Patrol Lance-
    Backup Lance
  • 20-ton Stinger piloted by Betty Stalwart
  • 25-ton Tarantula piloted by Otis Henson
  • 35-ton Hussar LAM piloted by Steve Upton
  • 20-ton Locust piloted by Meg Kurtis
  • 80-ton Hatamoto-chi piloted by Duo Maxwell
  • 70-ton Hercules piloted by Corven Case
  • 65-ton Catapult piloted by Byron Jones
  • 75-ton Rakshasa piloted by Buford Olman
  • 80-ton Zeus piloted by Lamont Sanford
  • 80-ton Thug piloted by Alexus Capone
  • 70-ton Gallowglas piloted by Adam Vindraff
  • 75-ton Falconer piloted by Kurtis Carrico
  • 40-ton Sentinel piloted by Rocky Potts
  • 30-ton Urbanmech piloted by Mural Rye-Del
  • 35-ton Panther piloted by Sarah Smythe
  • 20-ton Flea piloted by Crow Sunnman

Reinforced Acer's Hueys Command Company

  • Inner Sphere
    Scout Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Command Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Assault Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Trek Lance-
    The Skeleton Crew
    Backup Lance
  • 50-ton Trebuchet piloted by Von Sturmer
  • 55-ton Marshal piloted by Mia Higgins
  • 55-ton Hoplite piloted by Thomas TrevahrDyhl
  • 45-ton Phoenix Hawk piloted by Bridget Lones
  • 85-ton Stalker piloted by Merrick Leghorn
  • 80-ton Awesome piloted by Megan T
  • 40-ton Whitworth piloted by Jasmine Geutie
  • 30-ton Valkyrie piloted by Kenneth Winston
  • 85-ton Crockett piloted by Suzy Evans
  • 50-ton Hunchback piloted by Yauri Swift
  • 90-ton Cyclops piloted by Decker Tressle
  • 45-ton Blackjack piloted by Hubart Dickens
  • 45-ton Cobra piloted by Holden Trumphay
  • 40-ton Sha Yu piloted by Yoshi Karamoto
  • 60-ton Yeoman piloted by Fritz Dravnerr
  • 60-ton Merlin piloted by Fenton Hardy

Reinforced Crusaders Command Company

  • Inner Sphere
    Scout Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Command Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Assault Lance-
  • Inner Sphere
    Defensive Lance-
    Backup Lance
  • 55-ton Dervish piloted by Rick Ridges
  • 45-ton Swordsman piloted by Rotislav Hanwright
  • 40-ton Whitworth piloted by Tom Brown
  • 40-ton Whitworth piloted by Bob Hoskins
  • 80-ton Grand Crusader piloted by Alec de Payens
  • 75-ton Black Knight piloted by Thomas Cruiser
  • 80-ton Zeus piloted by Alfred Trebuchet
  • 65-ton Crusader piloted by Jean Leia
  • 95-ton Cerberus piloted by Frederick de Saint Aldemarr
  • 90-ton Mauler piloted by Vance Smith
  • 100-ton Grand Titan piloted by Marc Bevan
  • 85-ton Templar piloted by Stephen Seagull
  • 85-ton Shogun piloted by Hayato Rihaku
  • 75-ton Perseus piloted by Mizuho Yamada
  • 65-ton Ninja To piloted by Luke-Jean Dracip
  • 95-ton Cerberus piloted by George Hamill