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The Story section is the main part of the Strider's Strikers website.
Here we feature our in-depth character profiles, mission layouts (and some plans to hopefully inspire other gamemasters and storytellers), short stories, narrative introductions for scenarios, and our full timeline that is designed to be 100% compatible with existing BattleTech fiction. Though our authors have no actual canon fiction, we have published a story here that was turned down for the BattleCorps canon fiction site (Coordinate Y10).
Because our storyline has grown while maintaining continuity from high school up to now, some of the older fiction is somewhat embarrassing due to my writing ability at the time. Nevertheless, it still exists as history of our story and is included here (Dropship Captured).
Personally I'd recommend The Carns File, The Skill of One, Sasha of the Steel Vipers, Coordinate Y10, and Undone.

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