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Commander Mike Strider's Remarks

First off, I want to thank Mace, Avalon, and our new recruits Sir Owen and Jim for saving the Strider's Strikers unit. We owe you all our lives, and I owe you much more than that. I'm sorry your Mechs were destroyed. I'll see to it you have whatever you want in replacing them.

Mace, nice job taking out that big guy. I'm glad you went with your instincts and punched out when things got hairy. We believe the Thunder Hawk you toasted belong to the enemy commander.

Sir Owen, you did an honorable job taking out almost two Mechs by yourself. You stuck to the enemy like glue, and that kind of effort is much appreciated.

Avalon, superb shot on that Strider. You really know how to finish a fight.

After raiding the enemy quarters, Mace and Sir Owen located our cells. As you all might have heard, no resistance blocked our escape. Using Ryan and Rocky's skills, we have stolen 637.4 million C-bills from the enemy mercenaries. We owe them at least that. We believe they may be financed by the Word of Blake themselves.

Here's the plan for now. We lie low and take easy contracts with our remaining Mechs. In the meantime, we lick our wounds, repairing our Mechs and honing our cooperative skills. When we've recovered we'll bring the fight to the Vampire's Fangs, as they are called.

Sir Owen Hardcastle's Journal, Entry 793

My new friends have welcomed me into their team with open arms. I am most fortunate, they known not of the accusations against me. They know nothing of my trial, my expulsion from the Knights, or my guilty verdict concerning traitorous actions against the newly-formed Star League. For now, I tell them nothing. After I have earned their respect and trust, I will reveal my whole story.

In the meantime, my Mech has been destroyed. Commander Strider promises another, but I must admit doubts. Hopefully the Strikers' excellent relationship and standing with the League will provide me with an Albatross.

I had coffee with Star Captain Devon tonight. I feel a special bond with my fellow warrior. He seems to be the same breed of warrior as myself. I admire his code of honor, and to my surprise he admires my first priority of enforcing justice and protecting the innocent. I look forward to training with him, and perhaps eventually battling alongside him against the evil Word of Blake.

Mace Volt seems like an average Marik pilot. He has a good stubborn sense about him. He fought quite nobly against superior firepower.

Oh yes, and Avalon. Avalon seems unfocused, but she has proven her skills far beyond any doubts I first held.

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