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Inner Sphere Status Summary

The year is 3061. Though the Inner Sphere has nearly saved itself from further Clan destruction, the five houses are in various states of disarray. House Liao has presented itself as a powerful force, driving the small St. Ives faction from its home. Houses Davion and Steiner are under Katherine Steiner's rule, causing many Davion loyalists to take arms against Katherine's impressive military. House Kurita lies somewhat safe, but has lost much of its territory to the Clans. Finally, House Marik has allied itself with Liao, displaying a weak trust in Sun Tzu Liao that most would laugh at. Thomas Marik has other problems as well. After providing the Word of Blake a home within his Free Worlds League's borders, a splinter group of his "guests" are causing problems. This splinter group, the Toyama faction, is now moving military forces within Marik's own systems.

Strider's Strikers Mercenaries Status Summary

Strider's Strikers are a small mercenary team composed of loners, ex-mercenaries, bandits, and veterans. Though they associate themselves with the Periphery, most of their fighting has been in the center of the Inner Sphere up to now. The team has much to be desired in terms of numbers, but they have successfully faced the Jade Falcons. Recently the team participated in a joint effort with the now-Warden Clan Nova Cats, accepting one of the Clan's star commanders into their ranks to teach the Clan about military protocol as its practiced in the Inner Sphere. Not long after that, Strikers took a contract with House Marik to monitor the House's Word of Blake guests. After building a base on the planet of Wasat, the mercenaries found themselves victim to a Word of Blake invasion. The Strikers first fought the Vampire's Fangs, a small mercenary unit under the Toyama's control. After three "rounds", one might say the Strikers finally handed the Fangs a defeat.
Next the team traveled to the Irece Prefecture of the Draconis Combine. There they were challenged, refitted, repaired, evaluatd, and deemed worthy of Clan upgrades and new Clan members by their new Nova Cat allies. Among the additions was a large number of tanks and other vehicles. Clan aerospace fighter joined up with 2 of the team's Shilone fighters. More pilots also joined, giving the team an additional "backup" lance to compliment their fire support. The team is now back on Wasat, where they have resumed monitoring the Word of Blake forces on planet. Though they fear the Vampire's Fangs may strike again, they are also worried about the presence of Blakist ships that seem to have followed them back from the Irece Prefecture.

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