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3062: The Clans- Diosd Assault Opening Remarks

To: HPG comm station, Benjamin, Draconis Combine
From: HPG comm station, Karbala, Free Rasalhague Republic
Comstar Military Hiring Notice
April 9, 3062
Planet Karbala, Free Rasalhague Republic
Comstar 11th Army Headquarters

We will be executing a raid in-force on the Clan Wolf-occupied planet of Diosd. There is believe to be a large front line supply base being constructed to help mobilize a strike force into the Draconis Combine. We will attack the planet to secure the supplies and destroy the base before Clan Wolf can use it to do any major damage. Your forces will be accompanied by the 48th Division of the 11th Army and other small mercenary companies needing anti-Clan training.
Our major objective is to neutralize the supply base and the planetary headquarters. In an unparalled act of arrogance, the Clanners have located both buildings in the same area and have deemed it unnecessary to defend the region with weapons emplacements. As the bulk of the 48th attacks the front region of the base, your small team will slip around the right flank and attack the base proper itself. There will be three other mercenary companies doing the same in other regions, but do not expect to see much of them due to the extreme fighting that will occur in your zone. Along with your force, Comstar is supplying two battalions of infantry and a ten man team of Battle Armor. These should help you secure the base once you have penetrated its defenses.
On this topic, be prepared to face heavy opposition. The Clanners have probably left a sizable garrison on the world and our spies inform us of the possibility that a front line Clan unit may be in the area. This unit, the 3rd Wolf Battle Cluster, or "Sentinels", is a crack unit with an efficient commander, Star Colonel Magarite Vickers. If they are in the area, our forces will try and take them out, or at least create a holding fight to try and give you time to complete your mission.
Aerospace coverage will be provided. We expect to take Aerospace superiority immediately, and to help protect our task force from unwanted enemy WArship actions, High Command has chosen to have a couple of Warships of our own accompany us. We will be joined by the Aegis Heavy Cruiser "Swift Justice" and the Vincent Mk. 42 Corvette "Alacrity" at the Karbala jump point. From there on, they will provide us with cover and will be used to launch any needed aerospace fire support in terms of fighter strafing and bombing. Sorry but High Command will not allow us to use capital ship planetary bombardment on any of the enemy units due to the close nature of the capital city and your inexperience with fire support. Any and all aerospace support should be called in by your unit commander and expected to arrive 2 minutes after that. Do not hesitate in calling in support, as it can swing the tide of battle very quickly.
To assist in the capture of the Clan base, Comstar will supply your forces with 2 platoons of unarmored infantry and 10 Battle Armored troopers. These should allow you to capture any and all Clan-held buildings. Be careful not to call in the infantry too soon; they can't take much BattleMech fire. The armored infantry may help if used at the right time, but once again be careful not to let them come under too heavy of fire.
We will also provide you with a medium tank lance. This should give you more flexibility in projecting your firepower. These can also be used to protect any building that you capture.
Finally, Precentor-Martial Victor Davion has made a gneral order that any and all mercenary units engaged with the Clans in a Comstar-sponsored or sanctioned assault shall be refitted to the best of our abilities with Star League-era equipment. We will make trades of Mechs and equipment to outfit you for the maximum chances of survival and victory. He believes that every group that is ready and willing to fight the Clans and is trained in proper anti-Clan tactics is worth the time and money it takes to upgrade them to superior equipment.
Your forces should arrive on Karbala on or before June 1, 3062 to be included in this operation. Your forces will have to leave Benjamin within the week to arrive here on time. We are sorry for the haste in this request, but we believe the Wolf Clan has stepped up its intelligence-gathering operations and we fear a surprise attack on our own surprise attack.
Comstar will allow you to keep any salvageable Mechs you destroy and will give you 20 percent of the captured equipment for use in your Mechs. We hope this compensation is enough for the danger you will be put into on this mission.
Good luck out there people. Keep your wits about you and we all should come out of this for the better!
Precentor X George Wagoner, 11th Army V-eta

Enemy Composition and Mission Details...

Enemy Units Stationed Near Clan Base...

Recon Star- 1 Puma, 2 Ullers, 3 Koshis

Provisional Garrison Heavy Star- 2 Black Knights, 2 Exterminators, 1 Galahad

Striker Star- 2 Fenris, 1 Mad Cat, 1 Man O' War, 1 Gladiator

Chance of Meeting each enemy star:

Recon Star: 3 in 6
Provisional Garrison Heavy Star: 2 in 6
Striker Star: 1 in 6
To find out which stars you will meet, roll two dice. If each dice reads a different number, you will face each star, starting with the lighter of the two. If both dice are the same number, you were extremely quiet while sneaking in and only have to face that star alone.

Aerospace Support:

On the chance that you face only one star, aerospace support will not be available; it will be tied up in neutralizing the other two stars before they become a problem for you.
If you face two stars, you will have two aerospace fighter missions at your disposal (4 passes, two at call). When you call on support, it will take two turns to arrive and then will either make a strafing run or an attack run, which one will be up to you. The fighter support will be made up of two Shilone heavy fighters and two Stuka heavy fighters.

3062: The Clans- Diosd Assault Closing Remarks

To: Strider's Strikers Mercenary Company
From: Comstar 11th Army Command
Comstar Military Action Debriefing
October 12, 3062
Planet Karbala, Free Rasalhague Republic
Comstar 11th Army Headquarters

Excellent work on the raid people. Our forces routed the Wolf Clan defenders and drove them off the planet with their tails between their legs. The primary assault was a textbook anti-Clan attack. We took the initiative upon drop using our aerospace assets and the small compliment of artillery to harass and bog down the enemy while the primary column moved into optimal attack positions. Once our forces had closed to moderate range, it was only a matter of time before the Wolf forces had to pull back. A lucky head shot by Jenny Stevenson in her War Dog took out the Clan Cluster commander, causing the general retreat to their Dropships followed by a hasty run to an awaiting Jumpship. Our naval assets wish to apologize for their inability to locate and neutralize their Jumpship; they explained that it had hidden inside a large body of asteroids and the fighters did not have time to find them.
We are very proud of your action against the enemy's rear guard. Your swift destruction of two stars with minimal losses is astounding. The infantry commander in charge of the two platoons loaned to you said he would like to personally thank you and has invited you and your second to join him and a few friends for drinks at a local bar. Also, and even more surprising, the Battle Armor commander, Lieutenant Charles Laber has highly recommended you and even went so far as to ask for us to offer you a commission in the Com Guards. We would, but we know that the kind of dedication your troops show you would be too great a loss to join up with the Guards We are sorry that your Devastator was utterly destroyed. We have watched the battleroms many times and agree that you did the right thing. That Clanner was very lucky, breaching your armor with such a critical shot. It is sad he was killed. H would have made a fine addition to any Inner Sphere force. Finally we would like to congratulate you on your superb salvaging skills. The Thor and Mad Cat OmniMechs will make a fine addition to your teams, and if you believe they will not fit into your battle strategy then they will fetch a fine price on the open market. We would even be willing to buy any of your captured Clan equipment off of you at a competitive price if you need to liquidate some assets.
Our quartermasters corps have calculated what salvage you shall receive and will have it sent to your Dropship immediately. I think you will be happy; there are enough parts to refit quite a few of your older Mechs to Clan tech. For a small mercenary company, you guys will be highly outfitted.
From all of us here at command, thank you for taking part in this operation. We would be proud to work with such a professional and skilled group as you again. If we have another operation of this nature, we will surely call on you first.
Precentor X George Wagoner, 11th Army V-eta
attached QM report 7932-5403-23
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