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Situation Analysis

Time: Summer 3066 - Training Exercises in Altomere at Clan Steel Vipers request

Status: Ryan Allen in his Infighter and Holden Trumphay in his Cobra run a search and destroy exercise against Acer's Hueys forces on Altomere during training exercises initiated by Clan Steel Viper. In the Altomere Marsh, the pilots encounter dangerous mega-fauna and mega-flora as well as Blakist Mechs - an Archer and Raijin. Both Mechs must be disabled.

Mission: Stop the Blakist BattleMechs so that their origin can be discovered and any Blakist base information retrieved from the enemy Mechs. Avoid the marshland's mega fauna. Avoid the coming gravity storm by safely exiting the area; it causes great shifts in land structures throughout the wet Altomere Marsh.

Units: Ryan Allen in Infighter, Holden Trumphay in Cobra (Enemy Units: Blakist pilot in an Archer, Blakist pilot in a Raijin)

Situation: Both Striker pilots detect and engage Blakist machines as their worries about the local wildlife take a backseat to the danger caused by the Blakist Mechs. Each turn every player firing a ballistic weapon must roll for attacks by Daktak Lakpaks (large bug creatures). For these rolls, use 2 D6. On the result of a 2-6, an adult Daktak appears. For each appearance, roll 1 D6. On the result of 1-3, the creature is 4 spaces away from the Mech and can move 3 hexes each turn towards the Mech until its able to reach the same hex. On the result of a 4 or 5, the creature is nearby and will attack regardless next turn. On the result of a 6, the creature is hidden nearby and may attack this turn. In any single attack by a Daktak Lakpak, the Mech's pilot must roll 2 D6. On the result of 2-7, the creature inflicts damage of 5 points to the Mech. The pilot rolls on the standard Damage Location Table to determine where these 5 points hit the Mech. The first turn finds Ryan and Holden on one side of the map and the Blakists in the center. Do not roll for Daktak Lakpak and Terry's Flytrap attacks this first turn. Striker pilots must cripple the Blakist Mechs to complete the mission. Because of the coming gravity storm and the usual violent changes to the landscape that occur with it, time is of the essence. If pilots cripple or destroy both enemy Mechs, the mission ends successfully.

Terrain: Modified Solaris Jungle map to simulate intense growth structures of Altomere Marsh. All clear hexes are light woods, making movement restricted. Light woods and heavy woods are all heavy jungle. When Mechs come to rest in a hex, roll 2 D6. Terry's Flytraps exist in that hex on a result of 2-6. A flytrap automatically hits the Mech in its hex is a Heavy or Assault Mech. If the Mech is a Light or Medium Mech, the pilot must roll to avoid the attack. The pilot successfully avoids the attack on a 2 D6 roll resulting in 7-12. If a flytrap hits, roll 1 D6. A result of 1-3 indicates a juvenile flytrap and damages one of the Mech's legs for 3. A result of 4 or 5 indicates an adult flytrap and damages one of the Mech's legs for 7. A result of a 6 indicates a "silverback" and damages one of the Mech's legs for 12.

Setting: Daylight, regular conditions.

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