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Summarized Mission

Lostech Takeover: Number of Players - 3 with Strider or Carns commanding

Learning of a local lostech rumor, the Strikers investigate an abandoned space station in the outer rim of the Labrea system. Discovering a Star League prototype Warship, Striker Mechs and a small scout team touch down on the station. Encountering destroyed Explorer Corps Mechs and battle armor, the Strikers find a considerable Thunderdome Minion pirate force within the lostech ship. A battle must be fought within the great ship's hull, and to the victorious remains the powerful ancient giant - if it is not destroyed in the process of being overtaken. Using their superior technology, the Strikers hope to destroy a numerically superior enemy. Setup: Ship's hold size will be determined by actual measurement set by Kurstan. Victory only occurs when pirate force is completely annihilated. Damage to ship will include missed shots by both teams. Physical combat is desirable, as most missed attacks will not damage the hull.

Situation Analysis

Time: Fall 3066 - Takeover of Arbiter Warship

Status: Assault Mechs Primed and Ready

Mission: Neutralize onboard pirate forces - the Thunderdome
Minions - with minimal damage to Warship's hull.

Units: Elite forces with Heavy and Assault support - Star Captain Devon Carns in Direwolf, Xandar Harlow in Devastator, Ryan Allen in Infighter, Sasha Breen in Cauldron Born, Sir Owen Hardcastle in Albatross, Cecil in Nova Cat, Savalas in Nova Cat, Rally in Supernova, Shard in Sirocco

Situation: Pirate Warship can only be entered via one route. This single elevator lift can only 3 assault Mechs with each trip. As a result, the boarding assault team will be divided into three groups with Devon Carns, Sir Owen Hardcastle, and Xandar Harlow making the first trip into the bay.

Heavy forces will most likely be guarding the entrance. Expect reinforced, heavy resistance. Vehicles, as well as Clan and Inner Sphere BattleMechs will likely be scattered throughout the bay area.

Terrain: Metallic hull houses hundreds of tons of repair equipment. Missed shots may damage this equipment or hull exterior. Hull exterior may be damaged on a result of 11 or 12 when missed shots strike BattleMech bay entrance.

Setting: Lights may be on or off to aid pirate defenses. Expect -2 silhouette modifier to hit when entering the bay area.

Warning: Clan forces of the enemy do not fight honorably or accept challenges. Physical attacks are common and teamed attacks are integral parts of the pirates' strategy.

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