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Situation Analysis

Time: Summer 3068 - 5 months after the nuclear strike on the Trilobite Moon

Status: Standard patrol Mechs on low alert, plus the addition of Star Captain Devon Carns piloting his Direwolf. Battle Armor protection compromised due to acts of sabotage

Mission: Protect the Strider's Strikers Command Company barracks facility, engaging any and all Mechs or infantry discovered on and around the Strikers' base.

Units: Star Captain Devon Carns in Direwolf A (Enemy Units: Enemy Pilots in Nexus NXS1-B, Blue Flame BLF-21, Legacy LGC-02, Kintaro KTO-21, Wraith TR3, Mongoose MON-76, Firestarter FS9-C, Exterminator EXT-5E, Lightray LGH-5W, Warhammer WHM-9D, Vanquisher VQR-2A, Albatross ALB-3U)

Situation: Devon Carns is one of the only Mechs available that is strong enough to stand up to the attackers. He is heavily outnumbered, facing a total of 12 enemy Mechs. Devon is powered down and must attack and destroy as many Mechs as possible. Devon automatically wins initiative on the first turn, thanks to his fusion engine's cold start and sniping position from within a grove of trees near the base. He cannot eject from his Mech during this scenario. Mechs enter the board in sets of 3 (though each of the 3 Mechs comes from a different area of the map) every 5 turns.

Terrain: Play with predetermined custom designed maps created by Mike to simulate the Strikers Headquarter facility and surrounding area.

Setting: Night, though no modifiers to fire are necessary thanks to a full moon lighting effect.

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