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Situation Analysis

Time: Summer 3061 - Retreat from Wasat to Irece Prefecture

Status: Loss of Wasat base forced surviving members to hijack a Dropship nearby. After quickly loading what they could, team members lifted off planet. Now as they exit the atmosphere of Wasat, two Blakist Dropships stand in the way of the Strikers reaching their Charger Jumpship.

Mission: Survive the Blakist blockade, scrambling aerospace fighters if needed. Jumpship must be reached if the Strikers want to reach the Irece Prefecture.

Units: 2 Lucifer Aerospace Fighters launched from the Wasat ground base, 2 Shilone Aerospace Fighters launched from the captured Union Dropship (Enemy Units: Union Dropship, Leopard Dropship)

Situation: Striker Dropship must survive and attempt to outrun the Leopard and Union Dropships blocking its retreat. Shilone fighters can be scrambled at anytime, though their loyalty to the Strikers unit must be determined with dice rolls for each pilot. On the result of a 2-8, pilots abandon the group and head towards the safety of Wasat. On 9-12, pilot is cooperative and takes action against the Blakist Dropships as needed. Lucifer aerospace fighters are already deployed and piloted by Strikers team pilots. Reach the Charger Jumpship and allow two turns of damage before the ship jumps from the Wasat system.

Terrain: Space, near outer atmosphere of Wasat. Place two Battlespace maps together, end to end. Charger Jumpship is located at the end of one Battlespace map, while the Strikers begin at the opposite end of the other map. Blakist ships are located on the same map as the Strikers, beginning play 2 spaces from the 'middle' of the map.

Setting: Regular conditions.

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