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Mission One

Time: Spring 3058 - Mission One: Skyetown

Employer's Remarks:

Contract: Lyran Alliance
Salvage Rights: Complete
Planet Skye
Payment: 3 Million C Bills
There has been an uprising in our backyard and all of our main units are busy elsewhere. We need you to protect the village of Skyetown from the local militia (do not allow any town buildings to be destroyed by enemy Mechs).

Contract: House Liao
Salvage Rights: Complete
Planet Ryde
Paymentl: 4 Million C Bills
Federated Commonwealth scientists have developed a new type of laser weapon and we must have it. You must raid the lab compound (move one Mech into compound for one complete turn) and return to your Dropship intact.

Contract: Federated Commonwealth
Salvage Rights: Complete
Planet Baker 3
Paymentl: 4.5 Million C Bills
The Federated Commonwealth High Command wishes to have a mercenary company scout out a fortified Clan base. This raid will be a precursor to a larger assault made by front line House units. You must get within 50 meters (1 hex) of the enemy base to take accurate readings. That Mech must then escape.

Name: Charger
Class: Merchant
Captain: Carlin Stilcoff
Fee 1.2 Million C Bills
Equipment: 2 Workpods
Dropship Capacity: 2
Dropships Available: Leopard Class Dropship "Reliant", carrying 2 Lucifer Aerospace Fighters, and up to 4 Mechs.

Taking a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth, the newly-formed Strider's Strikers mercenary unit experienced their first mission. Protecting the village of Skyetown on the planet of Skye, the lance met up with an enemy Hussar, Urbanmech, and Firestarter. Andrew "Hotshot" Allen took out the Firestarter while taking heavy punishment. Commander Mike C. Strider bagged the small Hussar, while Mark "Maverick" Pike knocked over the Urbanmech. Norbert Owens sustained massive damage from the Firestarter Mech, then failed to punch out as his Mech collapsed. Accepting payment and the salvage of the Firestarter and one Hussar, the small team buried their lost and headed for the Rift / Lyran Alliance in order to see their friend who had asked about joining.

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