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After deciding to exact his revenge within the next year, the Bounty Hunter has researched the Strikers in an attempt to find links that may show him their weaknesses. Learning of new recruit Jim Davis, the Bounty Hunter receives and directs messages to Jim's brother Bill Davis of the Mystic Fleet pirates. After viewing the local news sation the Bounty Hunter has become aware of the Word of Blake invasion of Wasat. Connecting his possible allies, the Bounty Hunter has convinced Word of Blake to hire him and a portion of the Mystic Fleet pirates to aide in the destruction of the Strider's Strikers. The plan is fairly basic. The Hunter and his troops will invade the Striker base from the west while Word of Blake loyalists send an enormous force from the east to crush whatever remains. The Bounty Hunter will be riding his upgraded Marauder and be accompanied by 7 pirate Medium to Heavy Mechs. The Word of Blake team will be riding in force with 4 lances of varying Medium to Heavy Mechs. Pilots of enemy teams are expected to be regulars or veterans. If Strikers fail to hold their base, the team is expected to arrive in as few turns as possible to the nearest dropsite, 3 klicks away to the north. Strikers may only flee after detection of larger Word of Blake force within 1 klick of Striker base. Striker infantry takes 2 turns to load into APCs due to the unexpected nature of enemy assault. Pilots of slow Mechs or vehicles that are crippled may be retrieved via APC. Loading of pilots or drivers takes 2 turns. Loading of vehicles and Mechs into dropship takes one turn per lance. It is HIGHLY recommended that stronger Mechs take up defensive positions to slow enemy troops approaching dropsite. NOTE: Dropships are highly unlikely to accept Striker's proposal to lift off immediately. Takeover of a dropship is necessary if negotiation dice roll is 8 or lower. Dropships can be taken over in 3 turns after battle armor squads have infiltrated dropsite (only 2 turns if squad including Sergeant Ryan Harrison infiltrates dropsite).

Main Characters involved in Gameplay

Mike Strider, Maverick Pike, Andrew Allen, Sir Owen Hardcastle, Devon Carns, Mason Garr, Xandar Harlow, Duo Maxwell, Mace Volt, Ryan Allen, Avalon Hodge, Marc Lucas, Jim Davis, Rocky Potts, Bounty Hunter (Keeley Sands)

Mech and Other Asset Numbers

STRIKERS TEAM INITIAL VEHICLE AND MECH COUNT: 1 Berserker, 1 Black Watch, 1 Axman, 1 Albatross, 1 Daishi, 1 Zeus, 1 Devastator, 1 Hatamoto Chi, 1 Guillotine, 1 Infighter, 1 Striker Armored Car, 1 Grand Titan, 1 Mackie, 1 Rotunda, 4 platoons of infantry, 4 Maultier APCs, 2 Yellow Jacket Gunships, 2 Warrior Attack Copters, 1 Platoon of Achileus Battle Armor, 1 Platoon of Longinus Battle Armor

BOUNTY HUNTER'S, WORD OF BLAKE'S, AND MYSTIC FLEET PIRATE'S INITIAL MECH COUNT: 1 Marauder, 2 Warhammers, 2 Riflemans, 2 upgraded Banshees, 1 Thunderbolt, 2 Apollos, 4 Wraiths, 1 Grand Crusader, 2 Thunders, 1 Sunder, 2 Cerberi, 1 Nightstar, 1 Supernova, 1 Catapult, 1 Awesome

Map Setup

1st...Northernmost- road map...defensive hill, road begins at south end of the map

2nd...Next to north- map set 4, heavy forest 1, steepest hill on western side of map

3rd...Open terrain, with scatter heavy woods...1 glen on southern side of map

4th...Open terrain, with bunched heavy woods...largest glen on western side of map

5th...Base terrain, large rock on southwestern corner of map

6th...(South of base map), Original map, rock formations on northern side of map

7th...(West of base map), map set 2, city ruins, single pavement on northern side of map
-->Bounty Hunter and Mystic Fleet pirate entrances, lightly scattered lances with Bounty Hunter located centrally

8th...(East of base map), double size map, bridges on southern side of map, second half of map extends northeast of Striker's base

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