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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Hubart Cuthburt Dickens


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3006
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  5

  • Blackjack BJ-3, 45 tons

  • Lance:  Hueys' Assault Lance - Steel

    ...Blackjack Photo Link

    Experienced Combatant

    Hubart Dickens was a member of the Acer's Hueys for nearly 4 decades.  
    Originally piloting the technologically advanced Blackjack, carrying double heat
    sinks, Hubart grew accustomed to warfare as only an assault pilot can.  His
    abilities as a pilot and gunner improved dramatically after only a few years with
    the team.
    In 3039, the Hueys were employed by House Kurita to destroy a small band of
    pirates in the Labrea system.  Teaming with Llana's Breakers, another small
    unit, the Hueys were convinced they could seek out and defeat the pirates.  
    Things went sour shortly thereafter, with the Breakers discovering the enemy
    pirates vastly outnumbered the mercenaries units combined.  After a brief battle
    on Kerrigan's Cove, the Llana's Breakers unit was completely destroyed.
    The Hueys team deployed their assault lance in a desperate search for
    survivors.  Hubart was the first Huey to encounter pirate forces.  After
    separating from the others to investigate an area of burning forest, Hubart
    found his Mech swarmed by pirate infantry jump troops.  He used his 45 ton
    machine's arsenal to the best of his abilities, but his skills were not enough.  
    After killing 3 of the jump troopers, Hubart's cockpit was breached by small
    arms laser fire.  He was able to orient himself well enough to retreat, but a
    single trooper remained on his cockpit's ferroglass.  The pirate was able to
    shoot Hubart through the breach, and Hubart lost the lower portion of his arm.  
    As a result, Hubart lost control of the machine, which fell to the ground.  
    Luckily, the pirate jump trooper was crushed in the fall.  Eventually returning to
    the rest of the assault lance, Hubart and the others made an immediate
    withdrawal to their Dropship.
    Hubart regained the use of his arm after surgically receiving a Mod IV limb
    replacement.  His piloting and gunnery skills crippled, Hubart was still
    re-learning how to use his Mech during his final years with the team.  He was
    hopeful of the future, and remained optimistic about the Hueys returning to the
    mercenary scene as a licensed unit for hire.  He was one of the first to shout
    out his relief upon hearing the verdict of innocent by the Mercenary Review
    Board on Outreach in 3067.  The victory was short-lived for Hubart though, who
    was caught up in a protest shortly after Acer's Hueys were reinstated with a
    new mercenary license.
    The protests had turned violent, and Hubart and a few of his teammates were
    among the many Mechwarriors targeted by the crowd's rage.  Hubart was fatally
    struck in the head just before boarding a Knox Armored Car with the rest of his
    team.  Because of the severity of the situation and the unrelenting mob's
    continued violence, his body was not recovered.  He has been officially
    classified as Missing In Action, but his teammates agree that he was
    undoubtedly killed after witnessing the severity of the blow he'd suffered to his

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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