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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Jasmine Geutie


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3002
Place of Origin:  Capellan Confederation

Gunnery:  5

Piloting:  5

  • Whitworth WTH-1, 40 tons

  • Lance:  Command Lance

    ...Whitworth Photo Link

    Command Lance Skirmisher

    Jasmine Geutie is not the typical 26-year old.  Jasmine's harsh life on the
    streets as a teenager has evolved her street smarts into that of a common thug,
    minus the violence of course.  Though in her youth, Jasmine's physical
    appearance portrays her as almost childish in age.  Her youthful oriental
    features sometimes disguise her as helpless and weak, though she lies far from
    that.  Along with her experience in tai chi, karate, and lei dom, Jasmine
    possesses a silent sense of caution.  It is for this feature that she was invited to
    join the Hueys.  Initially a street guide for Ace Leghorn while he found his way
    around the large city of Tsig'n, Jasmine caught his attention after showing
    genuine concern for his health.  Along with warding off a criminal predator, she
    protected the Hueys during their 2 week stay in Tsig'n by navigating them
    between Mechwarrior hangouts.  Offering her a more concrete career than that
    of a guide, Ace suggested Jasmine try her hand at BattleMech piloting.  Piloting
    Ace's Blackjack, Jasmine proved herself quite capable for a beginner.  Gunnery
    and piloting skills were tested with Mech simulators in the local arcades.  
    Jasmine seemed to be slightly lower than average in both of these skills.  
    Nevertheless, she was welcomed with a position on the command lance.  Able
    to quickly analyze situations in which potential dangers might lurk behind the
    next corner, Jasmine has become a valuable addition to the Hueys.  Ace has
    repeatedly made the decision of keeping her on his command lance.  He is
    confident Jasmine will keep the team as safe as it can be, whether they are
    wandering the back streets of some forsaken planet or in the heat of
    BattleMech warfare.  Jasmine's current placement in the Hueys puts her as the
    medium class pilot of the command lance.  Along with Ace, Megan, and Vender,
    Jasmine helps to make the lance a formidable force, second only to the team's
    assault group.  Jasmine is relatively open minded, greeting any newcomers to
    the Hueys with a welcoming attitude.  The only member she seems to have
    problems with is Megan T.  Jasmine's poor gunnery and piloting skills are
    sorely lacking for a member of the command lance, but her usual caution
    relieves Ace of some of his commanding responsibilities.  For this reason, Ace
    will most likely continue having Jasmine by his side.  Since her only Mech
    training has occurred within the last year, Jasmine remains quite unskilled as a
    pilot.  With recent combat in mind, Jasmine believes her skills will improve at a
    steady rate.

    This profile was last updated in 3028.
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