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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Devon Carns

Co-Commander - Star Colonel - Star Captain - Star Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3033
Place of Origin:  Clan Nova Cat

Gunnery:  2 with Gauss Rifle Specialist Skill

Piloting:  1

  • Dire Wolf (Daishi) A, 100 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Assault Lance - Daylight
  • Inside Look at Devon's Dire Wolf

  • Previous Mech: Dire Wolf (Daishi) CRNS, 100 tons

  • ...Dire Wolf A Photo Link
  • Devon's Dire Wolf Weapons Configs

  • Nova Cat Star Colonel

    Devon Carns was selected by the Khans of Clan Nova Cat for a very rare and strange opportunity. After Nova Cat Khans predicted the Nova Cat Clan's fate through meditation, they realized that the Draconis Combine would prove to be their closest ally or worst foe. They decided to separate themselves from the other Clans, proving themselves to the Inner Sphere people by joining the newly established Star League and acting to protect the Inner Sphere from the Crusader Clans. Their actions in Operation Bulldog cemented the bond, actually fighting against their fellow Clans in an effort to bring home the Star League goal of annihilating Clan Smoke Jaguar.

    As the Nova Cats were discovering their path to peace with the people of the Inner Sphere, they concluded that studies of Inner Sphere culture would prove extremely helpful. Before long they agreed that many research methods could be used. One of the proposed plans called on a cooperation with Inner Sphere mercenaries in which Nova Cat warriors would live mercenary lives. The only problem was finding Clan warriors willing to conduct such an experiment.

    After months of searching, the Khans concluded that no warriors would volunteer for the project. Instead they chose a single exceptional Mechwarrior that would lead the way for others in the near future. After promoting Devon Carns, the Khans assigned him to the mercenary unit of their choice. Devon was incredibly disappointed when he learned of the Strider's Strikers small unit size. Though the team was ridiculously small, it had been decided this would offer the best type of atmosphere in which Devon could personally learn about Inner Sphere methods. It would also provide the unique setup in which he, a Nova Cat, could rise to a commanding position or at least gain a worthy foothold in an Inner Sphere unit's power structure.

    Months after his assignment, Devon began to settle in with the unit. Though he hoped for a transfer often, he gradually formed a close bond with his teammates. Before long Devon found a worthy rival amongst the unit's ranks, a Mechwarrior named Duo Maxwell. Despite much infighting between the two warriors, the rivalry provided Devon with a competitor worthy of Clan respect and honor.

    Devon had more recently moved up in rank, within both the Nova Cat Clan and the Strider's Strikers team. He rose to be a commander of the mercenary unit and improved to a rank of Star Colonel within the Nova Cats. Both his roles as the first Clan member and the commander of the Clan half of the team helped to forge a powerful alliance with the units founder and original commander, Mike Strider.

    Spoiled for his loyalty to his Clan, he was originally given a "Daishi" Dire Wolf 100-ton assault Mech. He continued to pilot the same Mech up until his death in 3068, which occurred during a Word of Blake surprise attack. He was one of a few Mechwarriors to actually do battle in Mech combat against the attackers. His Mech went critical during a fight against an Albatross, probably a result of enemy autocannon fire. Devon was able to achieve glory in his final battle however, defeating a record number of Mechs before succumbing to the overwhelming force of Blakists. He managed 11 kills in total before his Mech was destroyed. The Blakist Albatross and the rest of its company were destroyed only days later when Nova Cat Mechwarrior Cecil ordered a naval strike against the remaining attackers.

    Devon's Dire Wolf had a number of different weapons platforms. His Nova Cat superiors continued to honor his loyalty by providing him with unique weapons options and other equipment as rewards. Selecting only what he needed, Devon donated weapons to upgrade other Mechs with Clan technology.

    Devon was well known for several things. An elite pilot who'd proven himself as a commander the hard way, he struck an imposing figure in strategic planning operations. He was able to make use of any available assets, often using artillery systems for fire support that was considered unconventional by traditional Clan standards. This tactic had caused him trouble before within the Nova Cats, but his techniques were always valued and even celebrated within the Strider's Strikers mercenary unit. His name was even featured in the artillery unit's code term "Devon calls down Heaven", which meant for all available fire support to concentrate on a single target. Because he valued artillery immensely, he often announced its inclusion during large batchall bids if he could make use of it during a Trial.

    Devon was also known for his natural grace in the cockpit of a Mech. He was adept at maneuvering across most terrains with ease, always able to concentrate on targeting his enemies. It was not uncommon for him to make critical hits against his foes, no doubt a deadly result of his finesse as a gunner and his Clan targeting equipment. Despite his rank and superior abilities, he never stopped practicing. His weekly schedule included 9 hours in Mech simulators and 4 hours piloting his actual Dire Wolf on the training grounds. Many also knew him for his paired weaknesses. As a Nova Cat warrior, Devon often sought out knowledge through meditation. During his early days with the unit, when there was much infighting between Clan and Inner Sphere members, he was criticized for his inaccuracies to predict coming events. While most Inner Sphere members believed this style of meditation was inferior to other preparations, Devon usually insisted on spending hours before each battle to focus his concentration. He usually appeared deadly serious before combat, a behavior that occasionally came into conflict with some of the lighter attitudes taken by Inner Sphere Mechwarriors.

    His other seemingly inescapable problem was how his Mech was damaged during battles. The machine's legs were replaced on a regular basis because of heavy damage sustained during combat. This uncommon problem earned him the nickname 'Big Legs'. He accepted the comment from close friends in jest, but some team members faced disgrace after failing to defend themselves during Trials of Refusal that resulted from the name-calling.

    Devon seemed to have settled in even more comfortably after the arrival of his new lancemate and romantic interest Dana Douglas. The two were coupling partners for several years, and were often found together in their free time. Only days after Devon's death, Dana announced she was carrying his baby. With the news of his freeborn child, a concept almost unheard of amongst Clan Mechwarriors, his fellow Nova Cats began to realize just what kind of man Devon had been. He'd walked a path between his culture and that of the Inner Sphere, living an example for all who followed him into the Inner Sphere mercenary unit.

    Clan Nova Cat has used Devon's giftake, a genetic sample of his DNA structure, to produce the next generation of Nova Cat Mechwarriors. This may prove to be his greatest gift to the Clan. This profile was last updated in 3068.

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