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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov


Point Commander - Elemental

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3035
Place of Origin:  Clan Nova Cat

Gunnery:  Unknown

Piloting:  Unknown

Pilots:  Elemental Battle Armor

Star:  ???

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Point Commander

Though somewhat squat compared to an average Elemental, Shiho of the Nova
Cats is looked up to by all of her fellow genetically-bred warriors.  She is a
perfect example of a Clan warrior, employing speed and deadly skill during
every battle to finish the opposition quickly.
Shiho finished her sibko training in the weeks before Tukayyid.  She was unable
to participate in the now-legendary battles because she had earned a mere
warrior rank.  Nevertheless she quickly made her name known in her Point and
took over only months later as Point Commander after the death of her
Shiho was disgraced and shocked by her assignment to Strider`s Strikers.  She
was utterly disenchanted when her transfer to the unit actually took place.  
Though a depression took hold of her, she was determined to prevail as a
In the days following the move to the Strikers headquarters on Wasat, she met
her future coupling partner during hand to hand combat.  The training exercise
that brought them together was a grim realization;  she should never have
doubted her new allies` strength.  She lost the match against her opponent but
was pleasantly surprised when he asked her to be his coupling partner.
Shiho`s relationship with the infantrymen brought her to new emotional heights.
 She soon realized that there were some benefits to the Inner Sphere`s culture
despite its differences from that of her Clan`s.  Unfortunately she paid a price
for her unique attachment when her partner died in combat.  Lacking the
experience of losing a true loved one, Shiho lashed out at anyone who dared
bother her.
Shiho eventually got her temper and emotions back under control, but not
before she squared off with the infamous scum dog Dirk of the Steel Vipers.  
Not realizing her strength, she accidentally killed the Mechwarrior and
inadvertently drew attention to her hand to hand fighting style.  It earned her
further respect.  None felt tempted to test her temper further.
Before long she was sponsored by her superiors to take part in a Trial of
Position.  Shiho won the Trial and secured her position as Star Commander for
the Elemental Star stationed on-board the Arbiter lostech Warship.  This great
honor has unfortunately brought her great annoyance.  She must work hand in
hand with Inner Sphere battle armored infantry, the Strikers "Pay's Due"
platoon, and an assortment of Clan Nova Cat naval warriors.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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