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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov



Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3030
Place of Origin:  Clan Jade Falcon

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  4

  • Supernova, 90 tons

  • Star:  Strikers' Clan Zeta Star - Sanctuary

    ...Supernova Photo Link

    Steel Viper Bondsman

    Bred a trueborn Mechwarrior of Clan Jade Falcon in 3030, Rally tested out as a
    Mechwarrior, performing adequately in his testing.  He was subsequently
    transferred to the Jade Falcon's Gamma Galaxy: Jade Falcon Galaxy.  Following
    his deployment to Gamma Galaxy, the Battle of Tukayyid took place.  Tukayyid
    was a harsh mistress to even the most battle weary veteran;  Rally was blooded
    by the best the Inner Sphere had to offer.  Assigned to a light Mech star
    performing scouting and flanking missions, his star avoided much of the
    heavier fighting.  Nonetheless, his star was forced to wade into battle against
    forces that out-numbered and out-tonned them.  When the call to retreat came,
    his star was down to just two Mechs, and badly damaged at that.  Following that
    ill-fated fight, many bloodnamed warriors had fallen on the field of honor.
    Due to his actions on Tukayyid, Rally was sponsored for the bloodname of
    Pryde.  After the fierce combat for the bloodname, Rally came out on top,
    proving he had matured as a warrior.  Bumped up to Star Captain, he was given
    control of a Binary in Gamma Galaxy.  His first assignment was a simple raid
    behind the Federated Commonwealth lines, on the planet of Warrenvale.
    Shortly after his drop on the planet, he realized he was in trouble.  The Star
    Colonel, Dev Iler, had bid too low.  Fighting desperately for his life, and the life
    of his short lived command, he was forced to fight a retreating battle back to
    the Dropships.  After his 'tactical retreat', and a stiff dressing down by Star
    Colonel Dev Iler, his Binary saw little action for some time to come.  When he
    did see combat, he was finally able to prove himself a competent commander on
    several occasions.
    Content to battle and leave the politics of Clan Jade Falcon to others, he was
    rewarded with missions of greater and greater honor.  Then in June of 3057 on
    Antares his Binary, turned Trinary, was forming the defense of some 'out of the
    way hovel'.  Shortly after contact with the enemy, he received a transmission
    calling for a Trial of Possession for the city by the Steel Viper commander,  Star
    Captain Sasha Breen of Alpha Galaxy.  Depending on his superior hand-to-hand
    fighting prowess, he choose the fight to be un-augmented.  Dropping out of his
    Mech and into the Circle of Equals, he took stock of Sasha Breen, deciding the
    combat to be quick.  As soon as the fight was joined, he lunged for his
    opponent, but slipped on a moss bed, knocking himself off balance.  Taking
    advantage of his mistake, Sasha knee-capped him with a kick.  Despite this
    debilitating injury, he managed to fend off her attacks for some time before
    finally being forced out of the circle, losing his fight, and control of the city.
    Soon he found he lost more than that, as Star Captain Sasha Breen used her
    prerogative as the winner to take him as bondsman.  Losing his bloodname and
    the rights as a Jade Falcon Warrior, he was taken into Clan Steel Viper.  Since
    then he has been personal trainer in hand-to-hand combat to Sasha, following
    her through the gauntlet of Clan politics, and further into the Strider's Strikers.  
    Rally went on to not only reclaim his status as a Mechwarrior in service of Steel
    Viper, but also earn himself a respectable position within Strider's Strikers.
    With the poisoning of Claudia, his Star Commander, Rally and the other Steel
    Viper warriors rallied against those guilty in the Word of Blake.  With his
    well-executed attacks against several of the Blakist assault Mechs, Rally
    achieved great glory in battle.  Many would argue he played the role of Sasha
    Breen's right hand in the coordinated assault.  It seems only obvious that Rally
    will rise to greater heights even yet.  He may eventually even truly triumph over
    his reputation as a bondsman, a spot on his record that continues to dog him
    regardless of how much he has accomplished.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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