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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Sasha Breen

Co-Commander - Star Captain - Star Commander - Mechwarrior - Watch Agent

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex: Female
Year of Birth: 3035
Place of Origin: Clan Steel Viper

Gunnery: 3

Piloting: 3 with Maneuvering Ace Skill

  • Battle Cobra Breen, 40 tons

  • Lance: Strikers' Scout Lance - The Invaders

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    Steel Viper Star Captain

    Sasha is a trueborn warrior of the Breen bloodline. She was born in 3035 at the Steel Viper enclave located at New Kent. Under the watchful eye of the Viper trainers, she and her sibkin, Claudia, were the only two who graduated this particular class of extremely difficult training, even for Clan standards, and washing out the others of their sibko. Admittedly, however, in Sasha's case, it seemed due to the incredible luck she maintained during and after her sibko training. This luck follows her throughout her career, but to Sasha it seemed to taint her, as many in the Steel Vipers considered her to simply be 'lucky' rather than good; all this despite her excellent codex and a natural affinity for command. Following her sixteen years at the sibko and training cadre, she was assigned as a Mechwarrior in the Triasch Keshik of Alpha Galaxy, under Khan Natalie Breen. Her first mission, a year after her assignment to Alpha Galaxy, and just as she arrived in the Inner Sphere, was Tukayyid. During the fighting at Devil's Bath, most of the Trinary that Sasha was assigned to were destroyed, but only one member of Sasha's star was lost. Despite this fact the members of the Steel Viper Trinary were reassigned, with Sasha going to the First Viper Guards (The Viper's Fury) of Alpha Galaxy, and Claudia being shuffled to Beta Galaxy.

    Following Tukayyid in 3053 the Guards were used to assault the Jade Falcon planet of Montmarault, garrisoned by the 305th Assault cluster. Her aggressive actions, and some luck, earned her recognition as well as the chance at a promotion and a bloodname. She easily took her opponents in the Trial of Position for the position of Star Captain. However, her bloodname battles were hard fought and barely won it seemed, until only one person remained against her for the right to wear the bloodname of Breen. That was Claudia from beta Galaxy. Sasha seemed over-matched in the fight until once again luck shined on her and she hit the ammo stored in Claudia's Mech's left torso. The CASE saved the Mech, but severely crippled her Mech, making Claudia easy pickings for Sasha.

    Following these victories, the First Viper Guards turned their attention to the Jade Falcon world of Antares, where Star Captain Sasha Breen was assigned to take a small town in the wetlands of the planet. The target town was easily taken when Sasha Breen, in a daring move, simply challenged the defending Trinary's commander, and won. Taking the commander, Rally Pryde, as a bondsman, she moved on to the next objectives. Eventually, the Steel Viper's took the planet. Following the action on Antares, the occupation zone quieted down, with the Viper's offensive against the Falcons stopped. The only action then was to quelling of riots that rose from time to time. Then in 3060, she was shuffled back to Rho Galaxy, a garrison galaxy with close ties to Alpha Galaxy. Using her command skills she increased Rho's winning percentage against Alpha during the war games the two often played. During her time with the Fifth Legion of Rho Galaxy, she learned just about every underhanded dishonorable trick the Inner Sphere surats ever knew. Then in 3062 she was approached by a Star Colonel Alexei Dumont with a proposition. Apparently the Nova Cats were forming some Inner Sphere/Nova Cat alliance and asked for assistance from the independent-minded Steel Vipers to help the team. The Steel Vipers agreed, even though they had limited or no contact with any Clan other than themselves. Naturally Star Captain Sasha Breen scoffed at such a thing, but after the other 'option' of becoming a trainer at New Kent was explained to her, she agreed. The only other thing about this assignment was that she would become a member of the Steel Viper Watch, and would be reporting only to Star Colonel Alexei Dumont and the Khan himself. Even the members of her own task force were not to know of this. It was easy to discern why the Steel Viper's sent those they did. They were all either getting 'old', as in her and Claudia's case (Claudia too had been given the choice of Inner Sphere or garrisoning New Kent), or incompetent.

    On first sight, Star Captain Sasha Breen is not very impressive at only five feet four inches tall, and light in weight. She keeps her brunette hair short and rarely removes her Steel Viper body suit, which she wears with its boots and gloves. She also wears a laser pistol at all times as a personal sidearm, and is highly skilled in unarmed combat, to the point where some would claim she is better at that than she is at Mech combat. She has been awarded the Viper's Coil many times over, one of which is gold, symbolizing her participation in the battle of Tukayyid. She is a true testament of the Steel Viper Clan and its elite group of Mechwarriors.

    Sasha has become an extremely important member of the Strikers after the death of Commanders Carns and Strider. She is one of the driving forces of the team, and her incredible will dominates the team's contract and deployment decisions. As a result, the unit has come to behave more as a Clan-oriented force, especially more Steel Viper oriented. Only Duo Maxwell and Dr. Suzy Evans have as much leverage as her among the newer leaders. Some would even argue the two Inner Sphere leaders must constantly combine their power simply to counter Sasha's own influence.

    Her rise to power within the unit has been partially due to her luck, as well as her performance in battle. When the assassination strike killed both Commanders Carns and Strider and most of the command company, Sasha was fortunate enough to be off-planet. When Blakist saboteurs poisoned the Nova Cat and Steel Viper Clans barracks' drinking water after infiltrating the Strikers' makeshift base, Sasha was important in organizing the batchall against the Blakists. Finally, when the surviving Clan members engaged those responsible for the poisoning, Sasha led her Mechwarriors into battle with a rage unseen in previous combat situations. She was thrust into the spotlight with the incredible victory.

    Sasha's membership to the Steel Viper Watch was recently discovered by the Strikers. Her push to inform the spy organization of the Striker's attaining of the Arbiter lostech Warship was announced publicly, in an effort to maintain her honor to her unit. This push to reveal such a confidential Strider's Strikers secret was met with extreme denial within the mercenary unit's ranks. Even Clan Nova Cat members objected to her proposed revelation. However she won the Trial of Refusal issued by a Nova Cat warrior and further cemented her status as a rising star within the mercenary group. With the loss of Devon, Sasha is by far the most influential and vocal of the Clan members within the Strikers' ranks. Not singlehandedly, but sometimes appearing that way, Sasha has brought the Steel Vipers to a new status within the Strikers team. This status will surely bring help and confidence to the Steel Viper Clan as it finds its way in the Inner Sphere realm.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.

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