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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Sawaka Runesson

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3007
Place of Origin:  Lyran Alliance

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  5

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Comstar Sleeper Agent

Sawaka Runesson is a Comstar sleeper agent that has been placed in the Word
of Blake as an intelligence gatherer and career saboteur.  She was trained as a
Mechwarrior before entering Comstar's intelligence service.  It wasn't until after
she had begun her training that she discovered she had a lot of athletic talent,
talent which would enable her to undertake covert operations that required
stealth and speed.
Before beginning her current campaign against the Word of Blake, Sawaka
studied her opponents and their separate political factions.  She learned of the
Blakist sect known as the Denouncement and their obsession with the small
mercenary unit known as Strider's Strikers.  It wasn't until she entered the field
that she started receiving intelligence briefings on the Strikers unit.  Sawaka
wasted no time in employing the mercenary group - albeit without their knowing
- as an unlikely ally against the Blakist group.
The careful political plays and intelligence leaks orchestrated by both Sawaka
and her superior, Comstar Precentor Sacmis Xeesen, worked better than either
had hoped for.  However the tactics also brought much grief to those on the
Strikers team when the Denouncement group and its Blakist counterparts, the
Sixth of June faction, opted to use terrorism to settle the score with the
Sawaka's presence was discovered by Samuel Stark in 3067, but without any
clue to her identity he hesitated to attack her.  She escaped instead after
fooling the Strikers into attacking Blakist ally Tahn Industries.  It seems obvious
she will continue to play her role as a saboteur at the command of Precentor
Sacmis, acting as both friend and foe of Strider's Strikers.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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