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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Alexus Capone


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3003
Place of Origin:  Oberon Confederation

Gunnery:  5

Piloting:  5

  • Thug THG-11E, 80 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Hammer Lance - Friendly Sharks

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    Covert Assassin

    Alexus Capone joined the Strider's Strikers in their unit expansion program.  
    Actually an old contact of Mike Strider, Alexus was an ill-famed assassin of the
    Periphery planet Blackstone.  Her work for Blackstone's operating government
    was traditionally that which she excelled in, the removal of unwanted political
    resistances or criminal organizations.  Alexus met Mike on Blackstone in 3035,
    while he was initially training for his future attempt on Redjack Ryan's life.  He
    had come to her seeking advice about small arms weapons, and the two had a
    brief but close friendship.  After 3 years, Mike discovered Alexus' secret life
    while she was away on "business".  They grew apart but the two remained in
    contact until Mike left in 3039.
    After his run with Hansen's Roughriders, Mike believed his new team might
    need Alexus' handiwork.  When Mike contacted her after nearly 20 years, she
    decided that lack of work in the Oberon Confederation was gradually making life
    dull.  Alexus agreed to sign on secretly as a contract assassin, maintaining a
    Mechwarrior image to protect the reputation of the Clan half of the Strikers.  
    Her situation only known to Mike Strider, Alexus then piloted an upgraded Thug
    with which she seemed comfortable using.
    She only employed her skills as an assassin once with the Strikers in early
    3062.  Alexus removed the specific Toyama Word of Blake officer, Ahrald
    Prinzelden, whom had successfully planned the demise of the Strikers' Wasat
    base less than a year prior.  Her future work as an assassin appeared to be
    stable within the Strikers, especially when considering the extent of Blakist
    carnage directed at the unit during the mid-3060s.
    Unknown to most, Alexus had also completed contracts for Ace Leghorn of
    Acer's Hueys.  In a revenge plot against the conspirators responsible for the
    demise of Llana's Breakers, Ace hired Alexus to investigate and remove the
    Draconis Combine officials involved in the Breakers termination.  This contract
    proved to be Alexus' bloodiest and most rewarding job, ending in the deaths of
    several powerful members in military and political positions.
    Alexus' identity came into jeopardy when Strider's Strikers Intelligence Corps,
    headed by Nova Cat Mechwarrior Borg, discovered computer traces of
    payments made by Colonel Mike Strider to an assassin.  The records revealed
    the target and the false cover name for the assassin's bank account.  The
    revelation of this information prompted an intense internal investigation of the
    Inner Sphere half of the unit.  Commander Mike Strider himself was challenged
    to a Trial of Refusal by his Clan counterpart, Star Colonel Devon Carns.  Mike
    lost the Trial and was taken bondsman, causing an uproar among the Inner
    Sphere pilots.  Only thanks to the mercy of Devon Carns was Strider released to
    resume his position as Commander of Strider's Strikers.
    The investigation was aimed at discovering the identity of the assassin as well,
    and Clan investigators had guessed correctly that the assassin was a regular
    employee of Strider's Strikers.  Though Borg himself uncovered the truth about
    Alexus, he kept the information secret.  He had determined that the results of
    his findings would prove fatal to the Strikers' relationship with Clan Nova Cat,
    an end result that he found unacceptable.
    In 3067 Alexus suffered at the very hands of those she'd killed.  The Word of
    Blake struck out at Strider's Strikers Defensive Company during a training
    exercise on the Trilobite Moon.  Alexus was among those poisoned by the
    Cobalt-60 nuclear explosive.  She survived the initial blast, but damage suffered
    by her Mech handicapped her piloting abilities.  Even worse, it prolonged her
    evacuation of the area.  She suffered dramatic signs of radiation sickness only
    moments after the explosion.
    Alexus finally revealed her identity on her deathbed.  Clan members of the unit
    pushed for her legal trial, but no actions were taken by Inner Sphere hospital
    guards.  Only hours from passing away, Alexus was given the right to die a
    peaceful death.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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