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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Andre Beck

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  2994
Place of Origin:  Taurian Concordat

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  4

Pilots:  70-ton Warhammer

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Infamous Mechwarrior

As one of the infamous Chemical Brothers, Andre Beck continues to build his reputation as a pilot and mercenary. 'Scorpion', as he is typically known, is both a tenacious fighter and talented gunner. Once a member of the Kell Hounds unit, Andre was looked down upon by his commanders for being a loose cannon. It was often said that he failed to understand orders if they were given by someone of higher rank. Andre accepted many dares from his lancemates, more than once putting his personal reputation above mission objectives. He was fired after two years of service when he was court-martialed for starting a bar fight and tarnishing his company's reputation.
Andre began running his own mercenary unit by using only a stolen 70-ton Warhammer Mech. He was successful in obtaining numerous contracts as a bodyguard or escort. During these small contracts, he gained notoriety for his good aim. Unfortunately this also brought attention to his name and his primary employer.
Finding his personal life threatened, Andre's name disappeared from official records when he began to only offer employers his nickname 'Scorpion'. It wasn't long before Andre's protection encouraged stronger opposition and his employer began to make new enemies. Only through a combination of luck and skill was Andre able to keep his employer out of harm's way.
His employer, gaining evermore dependent on Andre, found herself facing a difficult situation. If she failed to continue hiring Andre for his services, she would be without adequate protection. As a result, Andre's primary employer expanded her bodyguard service to 3 Mechs, including Andre's. This new tactic was only raising the stakes, and before long Andre's employer found herself facing numerous enemy Mechwarriors, each one more dangerous than the rest. It was only a matter of time before Andre would meet his match.
On a lone patrol mission outside his employer's headquarters, Andre picked up a faint signal on his magnetic resonance imaging scanners. He decided to investigate. After moving away from his employer's base, he found himself under attack by a smaller Mech, a 60-ton Rifleman. Underestimating the enemy's abilities, Andre pursued the annoying foe, who seemed to have remarkable aim. After being drawn further and further from his employer's headquarters, Andre realized he was in some kind of trap. He returned to his employer's base and soon discovered that her quarters had been destroyed by an airstrike. Angry and confused by his enemies tactics, Andre retreated from the area and sought another employer.
Each time he was rehired by a new employer, the same Rifleman attacked and outsmarted him. Only through luck could Andre survive the encounters, unable to successfully protect those he was paid to guard. After a series of battles, Andre finally defeated his foe in a one on one battle and learned his enemy went by the name 'Mad Dog'. Though seeking revenge for almost a year of continuous defeat at the hands of his enemy, Andre showed mercy and let the enemy escape. After 2 more years of similar battles, Scorpion and Mad Dog, as the other pilot was known, became widely recognized Mechwarriors on the Capellan borderworld on which they fought. On several occasions, the two were hired in unison and actually worked together.
Eventually, Andre was hired for an assault mission on the world Contra in the Periphery. After being injured and captured by Mad Dog, Andre faced execution. Fortunately for Andre, Mad Dog refused to kill the man. The two joined forces against the power-hungry employer. After defeating his Mech force and rendering his communications station powerless, they destroyed their mutual enemy to avoid any damage to their reputations as mercenaries.
After fighting against the Strikers several times, the Chemical Brothers have joined the team. Because of their experience, they are two of the highest paid members of the team. They have recently captured and reconfigured versions of their old Mechs. The new Word of Blake versions of the Warhammer and Rifleman carry better firepower and are easier to repair than the Brothers' old Mechs.

This profile was last updated in 3070.
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