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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Dana Douglas


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3028
Place of Origin:  Draconis Combine

Gunnery:  5

Piloting:  6

  • Tai-sho TSH-DGS, 85 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Assault Lance - Daylight

    ...Tai-sho Photo Link

    Kurita Regular

    Dana Douglas is one of the Strikers' newer recruits.  She joined the team to fill the rather large shoes of Sir Owen Hardcastle.  Sir Owen's promotion to lance leader left an unsightly gap in Star Colonel Carns' Assault lance.  Dana Douglas originally met with Striker representatives on Outreach early in 3062.  She had found the team attractive, but felt she could be better paid elsewhere.  When Owen's promotion was rewarded, Striker logistics officers urgently relayed message to Dana of the new opening.  Dana's pay would be much higher if she decided to fill the empty slot in the team's main assault
    lance.  She immediately
    traveled from her home near the Draconis Combine/Federated Suns border to
    arrive in the Irece Prefecture.  Dana began intense training in hopes that she
    would live up to her expected performance.
    Dana has a relatively long history with the Draconis Combine military.  From
    ages 19 to 32, she served in various roles honoring the Dragon.  She began by
    piloting medium-class Mechs and soon found herself in the seats of 70 ton
    Mechs such as the Avatar.  Her experience is quite limited compared to some
    veterans and elites, but Dana feels she is capable of holding her own amongst
    the Striker pilots.
    Her 85 ton Tai-sho was purchased after she signed on with the Strikers.  
    Choosing this powerful machine, Dana is able to proudly display her loyalties
    and past.  By purchasing her own Mech, she also gains special benefits as a
    Striker pilot.  Many new Striker pilots find this option attractive since significant
    discounts are common on most replacement parts via the Strider's Strikers'
    Dana holds a steady interest in the Draconis Combine's newest allies, the Nova
    Cats.  With her own strong sense of honor, Dana has much in common with
    most members of the Warden Clans.  She has even been known for acting on
    visions after hours of meditation, an event common amongst Nova Cat warriors
    In her early days with the team, she enjoyed working closely with Star Colonel
    Carns.  His honorable past and undeniable courage made Devon very attractive
    to Dana.  With Devon as her lance commander, some confusion arose when
    defining the two's relationship.  Luckily for Devon and Dana, Xandar Harlow and
    Jim Davis never complained about the two's apparent mutual interests.
    As the two's relationship grew, it became apparent they planned to build some
    sort of a future together.  Unfortunately there time together was cut
    dramatically short when Blakist forces attacked the Strider's Strikers
    headquarters, specifically targeting commanders Mike Strider and Devon.  
    Dana's partner was able to defend the base during the attack, but his fight
    against the Blakists was an impossible one to win.  Devon's Mech was
    overwhelmed and finally destroyed with him inside it.  He'd been lucky enough
    to know about the two's baby before his death though, as Dana had told him
    she suspected she was with child.
    She is currently pregnant with Devon's child and has been temporarily relieved
    of duty for maternity leave.  Her partner's death has significantly affected her,
    but not in an entirely negative way.  She continues to believe in the warrior way
    of life, and suspects Devon found the glory he'd searched so many years for.
    Dana's Tai-sho was a powerful replacement for Hardcastle's Albatross on the
    assault lance.  Though it falls 10 tons under the latter's weight, the Tai-sho
    boasts twin ER PPCs and an Ultra class 10 Autocannon.  Dana regularly has the
    opportunity to use the weapons as they were intended to be, firing all three until
    overheating becomes problematic.  Most veterans like Dana allow timely cool
    downs by simply firing only one ER PPC when temperatures run high.  
    Combined with Dana's strict training, the BattleMech creates long range
    problems for any enemy.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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