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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Lamont Sanford

Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3023
Place of Origin:  Outworlds Alliance

Gunnery:  4

Piloting:  4

  • Zeus ZEU-9S, 80 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Hammer Lance - Friendly Sharks

    ...Zeus Photo Link


    Working with his father as a BattleMech salvager for the past 15 years has kept
    Lamont Sanford quite busy.  Lamont's father Fred, a salvager and technician for
    Outworld's Alliance military, has taught his son everything he knows about
    BattleMechs.  Lamont's rich education in the area first fueled his interests to
    begin piloting the great machines.  Enlisting in the military for a Mechwarrior
    position, he was discriminated against because of his reputation as "only a
    technician".  Despite what most say, Lamont has had more than adequate
    training in Mech piloting.  After his nation let him down, Lamont discussed his
    options with his father.  He decided to join a mercenary unit after gaining his
    father's blessing.  Lamont applied for many positions before meeting with
    members of the Strikers.  Apparently his rough look and salvager resume did
    not impress those units he applied to.
    Lamont is well respected amongst the Strikers.  His great knowledge of
    BattleMech designs and weapons have aided in several of the Strikers' technical
    debacles.  Lamont usually finds himself tinkering with Mech remains after
    large-scale battles.  He often drives one of the Striker's utility trucks in search
    of rare or valuable parts.  Lamont's passion behind the continuing of his
    father's legacy remains strong.  He is particularly valued by Striker techs and
    even Rocky Potts himself.
    Lamont is also well respected for his good nature towards rookie pilots.  Always
    ready to aid the inexperienced, he provides several of the Strikers with private
    lessons.  Among these members was Mural Rye-Del, head of the Strider's
    Strikers security agency.  Lamont taught the old man the basics of a 30-ton
    Urbanmech.  Lamont's capabilities as a teacher shown through clearly when
    Mural began mastering the machine, eventually taking it into combat on several
    For his energetic personality and good nature, Lamont was selected as a lance
    commander.  Those under his original command included Adam Vindraff, Kurtis
    Carrico, and Alexus Capone.  His lance suffered heavy losses during the
    nuclear explosion on the Trilobite moon.  Lamont has suffered moderate
    radiation poisoning as a result of the attack, but has mostly recovered from the
    incident.  Losing his pilots Adam Vindraff and Alexus Capone has taken a
    stressful toll on Lamont, but his bright and optimistic personality have lead him
    through these dark times.
    Lamont pilots an 80 ton Zeus which belonged to Mason Garr.  The Mech's paint
    scheme remains woodland camouflage(Mason's favorite) in remembrance of
    Mason, whom died while protecting the Striker's Wasat base.  Lamont continues
    to aid new pilots and teach his own lessons towards any interested in learning
    the basics of piloting a Mech.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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