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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Mace Volt

Emergency Commander Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3026
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  4

  • Guillotine GLT-8D, 70 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Command Lance - The Others

  • Previous Mech: Guillotine GLT-5M, 70 tons

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    Veteran Commander

    Mace Volt was born on Terra in 3026.  The son of a strict Comstar Acolyte,
    young Mace was forced to mature quickly.  In the traditional fashion, Mace was
    initiated into Comstar at age seventeen.  It was in 3048 when he decided to join
    the Com Guards and enlist for a Mechwarrior position.  After months of
    practice, he became skilled at targeting.  Lacking a natural sense of piloting,
    Mace's tryout proved unworthy.  Luckily young Volt had "inherited" his father's
    stubbornness.  He studied up for several months, then applied his skills a
    second time.  Mace blew his competition away, except for one Marc Lucas.  
    Lucas' performance tied that of Volt's.  Mace soon reached a new goal, to win
    every possible confrontation with his new rival, Marc Lucas.
    Soon thereafter, the two were called to duty in the Battle of Tukayyid.  Taking
    positions in the 121st Division of the Com Guards First Army, both newbies
    faced incredible odds against Clan Ghost Bear.  The unit was shattered only
    two days after engaging the superior Clan firepower.  Volt survived, hiding
    along a small riverbed while Clan forces marched past his fallen Owens.
    Meeting Lucas hours later, the two worked together, as best they could, to find
    their way to a friendly area.  After many miles of hiking, the Mechwarriors found
    themselves in the midst of a dying battle.  The Ghost Bears had met their
    match, the Com Guards 91st and 12th Divisions.  The two pilots hitched a ride
    on a Padilla Heavy Artillery Tank.  After camping in the nearest drop zone, the
    two left Tukayyid on the next Dropship outbound.
    Facing disgrace from the public and one-time friends, Mace was enraged with
    his situation.  Centering on his political status, he convinced his superiors into
    giving him an Adept position.  Unfortunately, Mace was politically played for all
    he was worth, and he was summoned to act as ambassador in the unstable Free
    Worlds League.  Borrowing a surprisingly large amount of money, he purchased
    his own Guillotine BattleMech on the Marik world of Dehgolan after meeting with
    the local officials.  Confronting members of the Word of Blake, Mace decided he
    was in need of an experienced aide.  After relaying message to his superiors,
    Marc Lucas arrived on-planet as Mace's personal Acolyte aide. Feeling
    punished, Volt requested transfer back into the Com Guard ranks as a
    Mechwarrior.  His apprentice, Lucas, was required to accompany him back to
    Diosd where Comstar was plotting a planetary take-back.  After their Dropship
    was shot out from underneath of them, the two splashed down in the midst of
    an ongoing battle between the Strider's Strikers and Clan Jade Falcon.  
    Teaming with an unknown warrior from the Draconis Combine, the combined
    Inner Sphere Mechs defeated their Clan counterparts.
    Mace, after losing a Comstar Dropship due to a poor decision on his part, felt
    lost in the Comstar military.  He decided to join the Strikers and see how the
    mercenary lifestyle could suit his needs.  Resigning from his Adept position,
    Volt was honorably discharged for his actions against the Clans in his 3 years
    of service.  Marc Lucas shared Volt's feelings and similarly resigned,
    unfortunately taking a dishonorable discharge for his poor piloting on Tukayyid.
     Lucas decided that much could be learned from his "superior officer", and
    decided to join the Strikers as well, much to Volt's initial disgust.
    Mace Volt was considered an experienced pilot.  His training on Terra and his
    combat on Tukayyid taught him much about being a Mechwarrior.  Mace
    continued to dress as a Comstar soldier, preferring to carry a Dirk sword rather
    than the traditional saber.  He strictly obeyed orders and was always ready to
    do anything his commanders asked of him.
    Mace was killed during a Blakist attack on Strider's Strikers command barracks
    in the summer of 3068.  From forensic evidence gathered, it was believed that
    he was murdered by Purifier battle-armored members of the Blakist force.  
    Other evidence proved that he was able to kill one of his attackers using only
    his Dirk sword, despite the fact that his enemy was armed with a needler rifle.
    Mace set an incredible example for new recruits.  He was considered uptight by
    most of his teammates, but his skills were never doubted.  He was known for
    being an eccentric, as few had ever seen a Comstar warrior sporting a Dirk
    sword such as Mace did.  However, many also knew of his abilities with that
    sword in particular.  His discipline and performance in both the sports facility
    and Mech simulators earned him many records, some of which are still
    Mace was also famous for his temporary command of the unit during the week
    in which it lost both of its commanders in a battle on Wasat.  Both commanders
    Strider and Carns swore it was his tactical planning and strict completion of
    that strategy that ensured their survival.  He was the only regular pilot who was
    able to achieve the commander's position, even if for a short time.  During that
    time as a leader, he also recruited two of the most valued members to join the
    command company, Sir Owen Hardcastle and Jim Davis.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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