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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Mike Strider

Co-Commander - Colonel - Company Commander - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3000
Place of Origin:  Oberon Confederation

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  3 with Tactical Genius Skill

  • Orion ON2-SKR, 75 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Command Lance - The Others

  • Previous Mech: Berserker BRZ-A3, 100 tons

  • ...Orion Photo Link

    Veteran Commander

    In 3018, Mike's father Brendan Strider was killed while visiting a friend on the
    Marik borderworld of Lysidas.  He died in a fusion plant explosion caused by
    the planet's then-garrison force battalion from the Lyran Commonwealth, under
    the command of Kenny Ryan.  When no news had come of her husband's
    disappearance, Kelli Strider and her oldest son William decided to travel to
    Lysidas in hopes of an explanation.  Mike Strider left Black Earth with his
    mother and brother, and upon arrival the whole family discovered what
    remained of the fusion plant explosion from months ago.  Learning of the
    garrison commander's identity and locale, William left Lysidas for the small
    planet of Butte Hold.  Kenny Ryan, now known as Redjack Ryan, had become a
    pirate king in the Oberon Confederation, basing his operations in Butte Hold.  
    After capture by Redjack's men while traveling near Butte Hold, William pledged
    allegiance to Redjack Ryan and began construction of a plot to murder him.  
    However William's plot was not to be, as it was discovered by his fellow
    "officers".  Ryan was pleased in dealing with William for his traitorous actions,
    and relayed message to Black Earth to Kelli Strider concerning her son's death.
    In 3026, Kelli Strider committed suicide.  Mike, becoming terribly misguided by
    depression and hate, vowed vengeance on Ryan for his family and left
    immediately for the Oberon Confederation system.  He entrenched himself in his
    despise for the man he felt responsible for his family's demise, literally
    transforming his personality to a dramatically darker version of his past self.  
    After arriving, he practiced Mech piloting and plotted for nearly 12 years before
    setting himself up for capture by Ryan's men.  After proving himself in battle
    against fellow prisoners, Mike Strider was given a Hussar and accepted as a
    member of the pirate group.
    In 3040, Redjack Ryan ordered his men to attack a Union-class Dropship
    containing one of Ryan's enemies, Xandar Harlow.  After the successful
    takeover of the Dropship, Mike revealed his true intentions to Ryan.  He teamed
    with Xandar Harlow to kill most on-board pirates, then brought the Dropship's
    weapons to bear on Ryan's personal, smaller Leopard class Dropship.  Ryan's
    Dropship was crippled and left for dead after Strider and Harlow fired upon its
    main drives.  Mike had assumed the pirate leader was completed stranded.
    Feeling as though he had avenged his family by "killing" Redjack Ryan, Strider
    leeched a ride with Harlow after insuring any remaining pirates would do no
    harm.  After arriving on Blackstone, Strider returned to his previous base of
    operations.  While undergoing months of manic depression and philosophical
    pondering, Mike decided to leave his place of training.  He decided to join a
    mercenary team because he really knew no other job that might keep his mind
    focused on the future.  Mike traveled to Outreach and joined Hansen's
    In 3057, after 13 years of service with the Roughriders, Mike had had enough.  
    He decided he liked the mercenary way of life but was not happy with his
    current rank, despite his position as an assault Mech pilot.  He believed he
    could use his knowledge and study of battle tactics in a better way.  He
    resigned from his position and began searching for his new team.
    His unique blend of Striker Mechwarriors attracted the attention of Clan Nova
    Cat and built the framework for an experimental mercenary unit.  Within his
    means, he was able to secure powerful weapons and equipment from his Clan
    allies, as well as develop personal relationships with many of the Clan members
    that made up his mercenary group.  Years later the unit would partner with
    other mercenary groups as a way to strengthen themselves.
    Mike was popularly seen as a caring, friendly commander who understood his
    men and the rebel cause.  On the flip side, he was usually a cold-hearted,
    merciless foe if his opponents were known killers.  He was famous for often
    choosing to blow enemy Mechs apart rather than salvaging what remained.  He
    was also well-known for his unusual mannerisms, which included trembles
    believed to be early signs of Parkinson's disease from years of abuse to his
    body and nervous system.
    He was also unpopular numerous times throughout his command.  His use of an
    assassin to kill a Blakist leader was thought by some to be the cause of many of
    Strider's Strikers' Blakist problems.  He also took criticism for his choice to side
    with the Davion allegiance in the Federated Commonwealth Civil War.  Finally,
    he also drew fire because of his frequent siding with Clan ideals despite
    overwhelming opposition by his team's Inner Sphere members.
    Mike became romantically involved in a relationship with Jasmine Geutie of the
    Acer's Hueys team during his final years.  He became much closer to her after
    her near death experience, which occurred while Jasmine was recovering
    classified information about a hidden Warship in the Labrea system.  The two
    never married but had spent most of 3068 living with each other.
    He was killed by Blakist death squads in an attack in 3068 meant to 'decapitate'
    the mercenary unit of both its Clan and Inner Sphere leaders.  The attack was
    successful in that both he and Devon Carns were killed during the firefight.  
    Mike was attacked by a sniper, then shot as he lie paralyzed.  The graphic
    recording of his death on security surveillance video brought many Strikers to
    call for immediate return attacks against known Blakist bases.  However the
    team was able to unite under its new commanders, eventually walking a safer
    path into the future alongside new allies in both the Crusaders and Acer's
    Hueys mercenary units.
    Mike was replaced after his death by Ryan Allen, who took over command of the
    unit alongside Sasha Breen.  Sasha was filling in for the loss of the Clan's
    leader, Devon Carns.  Ryan stepped down from command shortly thereafter and
    selected Duo Maxwell as the permanent Inner Sphere commander.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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