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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Norbert Owens

Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3019
Place of Origin:  Terra

Gunnery:  1

Piloting:  4

  • Assassin ASN-NBT, 40 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Pursuit Lance - Living Furies

  • Previous Mech: Assassin ASN-30, 40 tons

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    Veteran Mercenary

    Norbert Owens' life began in 3019, when Roger and Norma Owens gave birth to
    their only child, a small red-headed boy.  Norbert was discovered to have
    inherited Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita, picking up this attribute
    through his father's side of the family.  His small form was ideal for working in
    the mines on Pluto, and so Norbert learned his father's trade as an elemental
    miner.  Norbert spent his years as a young man helping with his father's work.
    After her husband's violent death in a large scale cave in, Norma Owens begged
    her son to find another line of work.  Searching the cold desolate planet,
    Norbert found little in the area of occupations he was qualified for.  Though his
    family was wealthy enough to survive for many years without work, Norbert felt
    it was his obligation to see that his mother lived out the rest of her life
    comfortably.  Taking a bet with a friend, Norbert swore up and down he would
    learn the basics of Mech piloting at the local arcade.
    In 3043, four years after he had made his bet, Norbert found himself competing
    in the 56th Annual Plutonian Mech Jock Championships.  Discussing his
    abilities with a veteran of Smithson's Chinese Bandits, Norbert became
    interested in what the mercenary unit had to offer.  He made plans to join, then
    left Pluto late in 3044 for the Chinese Bandits homeworld.
    Arriving in 3045, Norbert felt extremely comfortable with his new career after
    speaking with his lance commander.  The lance commander took a liking to the
    young dwarf, and so began the two's friendship.  Though Norbert was green, he
    showed extreme skill in his abilities as a pilot.  His strongest trait was his
    uncanny ability to tackle and master almost any terrain.  Owens' weak point was
    his gunnery, which he would later improve on in his veteran years.  Norbert
    constantly lost his temper with his opponents, causing his Mech to suffer
    extreme heat damages and occasionally shutdown.  His quick temper, bright red
    hair, and heat problems quickly earned him the nickname "flamehead".
    Recognizing his friend's problems, Owens' commander taught him the basics of
    close combat.  Norbert was assigned a new Mech with fewer heat problems.  
    His Hoplite was equipped with 5 flamers, which could induce considerable
    problems for enemy Mechs.  The Mech's size allowed him to take considerable
    damage as he overheated enemy Mechs that might become troublesome for his
    lancemates.  With his new position, Owens became known throughout the
    Bandits as the man who would "set your hair on fire!".
    After six years with the Bandits, Norbert left to visit his mother.  Things were
    going well for him, but Norbert felt something in his life was lacking.  He
    decided to change units, and so sent communication of his resignation to the
    Bandits team.  In 3057, after seven years of improving his abilities and caring
    for his dying mother, Norbert left looking for his new mercenary home.
    Norbert joined the Strikers, quickly making friends with veterans Mike Strider
    and Maverick Pike.  The team's first mission ended with Norbert's Assassin
    scrapped and the pilot rumored dead after he'd become separated from the rest
    of the team.  Though his body was missing from the wreckage, Norbert was
    believed to have been consumed in the fusion engine explosion the Mech
    suffered only moments after collapsing.  Only after 5 years was the truth finally
    revealed, when Norbert arrived at the Strikers base in the Irece Prefecture.  
    Though Norbert said little of what happened, it is believed that locals helped
    him to safety before the Mech went critical.
    Norbert was killed in the firebombing of his unit's barracks in 3068.  He was
    killed while on night watch duty, and was one of the only three guards able to
    report anything by radio transmission before the bombs actually detonated.  
    Though he was unable to save any lives, Norbert was confirmed as the Striker
    pilot who activated the emergency beacon.  The activation of the electronic
    warning system allowed other Strider's Strikers companies to launch fighters in
    response to the Blakist aerospace forces.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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