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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Sir Owen Hardcastle

Company Commander - Lance Commander -Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3022
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  3

  • Albatross ALB-3U, 95 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Knight Lance - Enforcers
  • Inside Look at Sir Owen's Albatross

  • ...Albatross Photo Link

    Ex-Knight of the Inner Sphere

    Owen Hardcastle was born in 3028.  Growing up with his family's farming
    lifestyle provided him with a strong set of ideals.  Though he was ill-educated,
    his parents provided him with every opportunity available.  After deciding to join
    the Free Worlds League Military Owen was able to display his talent for piloting
    AgroMechs by controlling their counterparts, the BattleMechs.  He placed in the
    top five percent of his class and was soon given lance commander rank after
    his skills were tested on the battlefield.
    Sir Owen Hardcastle is actually an ex-Knight of the Inner Sphere.  While working
    with Word of Blake elite pilots on Gibson, his lance became a target of the
    Toyama faction of the Word of Blake.  Learning of the conspiracy, Owen plotted
    his own strategy to protect the Knights' reputation.  After taking the fall for the
    Word of Blake sabotage to frame the Knights, Owen was tried and robbed of his
    position in the elite Marik team.  The sabotage consisted of the framing of a
    Knights of the Inner Sphere lance, making it seem as if they had destroyed a
    civilian apartment complex on Gibson.
    Deemed unhonorable, dishonest, and incompetent, he was placed under
    suspension from the Free Worlds League Military.  The only person who had
    known of Owen's actions was Melissa Fox of the Toyama faction, who had been
    forced to shame her lover by her Toyama superiors.  Melissa and Owen had
    made acquaintances at earlier military meetings.  Their brief romance destroyed
    when Owen was removed from the Knights, the two were unable to say
    Expelled to the backwater planet of Wasat, Owen became part of a general
    Marik militia after his trials had been carried out.  He was no longer a Knight,
    but for his talents he earned a Lance Commander position in the militia.  Facing
    further hatred by local Toyama units, Owen became an outcast because of his
    past.  The only thing that brought him some peace was spending time working
    on his Mech, which he had been able to purchase from the Marik military after
    offering payment some four times that of the machine's original cost.  He soon
    began drinking mildly again, which he hadn't done in years.  This slowly turned
    more extreme, and Owen soon found himself demoted further and further as his
    alcoholism progressed.
    After watching a bar fight at the Dagen's Lair bar, Owen took interest in two
    mercenaries that were looking for news about their kidnapped commanders.  
    Knowing the Toyama faction was probably involved, he crowded with other
    spectators to watch the two mercenaries, one in a Guillotine and one in a
    Striker armored car, take on two enemy BattleMechs.  Offering to help the
    Strikers, Owen joined the team on their first mission without compensation.
    After losing his 95-ton Albatross to rescue the Striker command lance, Owen
    was overjoyed when Strider's promise of a repair actually happened.  Joining
    the team permanently, Owen added firepower to the Striker's impressive assault
    lance.   After capturing and actually saving Melissa Fox from the Toyama unit
    known as the Purifiers lance of the Denouncement, Owen's complete history
    was revealed to the Strikers team.  For his honorable fall and true efforts, Owen
    was promoted to lance commander.  He was joined by his friend Sir Christopher
    Steiner (an ex-Knight also), ex-Solaris contender pilot Daryl Zero, and freelancer
    Ted "Big Unit" Conrad.  With a further restructuring of Strider's Strikers, he was
    promoted yet again to company commander of the reinforced Assault Company.
    In 3068, Owen was called off-world for business with other Ex-Knights of the
    Inner Sphere.  The group of Ex-Knights had created a mercenary unit called the
    Crusaders.  Its leader, Sir Alec de Payens, was a good friend of Owen.  Owen
    traveled off-world to consult with Alec and his unit, giving them advice on their
    contracts with Clan Nova Cat and House Kurita.  It was during this time that his
    company was attacked by a Blakist firebombing.
    Owen returned to Miranda to find most of his command decimated.  He lost his
    close friend Sir Christopher Steiner and numerous other trusted pilots.  He took
    the losses extremely hard and fell into a severe case of alcoholism again.
    Owen's recovery has been understandably slow.  Though he still fits the bill of
    an honorable Knight of the Inner Sphere, his personal problems have nearly
    destroyed his lifestyle and sense of discipline.  His opinion is highly valued
    among the Clan members of the team.  For this reason, he is finding new
    support from friends within the Clans Nova Cat and Steel Viper.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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