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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Ted 'Big Unit' Conrad


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3016
Place of Origin:  Federated Suns

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  4

  • Black Watch BKW-7R, 85 tons

  • Lance:  Strikers' Knight Lance - Enforcers

    ...Black Watch Photo Link

    Freelance Mercenary

    In the mercenary business, they have a saying:  "You pay the least, you get the
    angry.  You pay the most, you get the proud."  With this in mind, Ted "Big Unit"
    Conrad displayed the pride of a lion.  Though one of the highest paid freelance
    mercenaries, Ted Conrad was neither an exceptional gunner nor fantastic pilot.  
    'Big Unit', as he was called, seemed to catch the popular eye while riding his
    85-ton Black Watch BattleMech.
    Ted's assets seemed to lie in his popular image, his personality, and his high
    tech equipment.  His choice of BattleMech was a modern design.  The Black
    Watch sports all new weapons such as the MRM 40, the light Gauss rifle, and
    the Ultra class 10 Autocannon.  These combined with Ted's own advertising
    pitch made the 'Big Unit' package one often hired - by only those who could
    afford it.  The Strikers selected Ted primarily for his reputation and technology.  
    His BattleMech was unmistakable on the battlefield, which often cast fear into
    enemy units.  Ted's technology also boasted a powerful 3 punch assault at
    medium range.
    Ted was killed during the firebombing of a barracks facility.  He was among
    those off-duty and sleeping.  Details about his death have been sketchy at best.
     Barely any remains were recovered from what was left of his room after the
    intense blaze finally subsided.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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