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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Dalek Imir

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3027
Place of Origin:  Marian Hegemony

Gunnery:  ?

Piloting:  ?

  • Rakshasa MDG-IMIR, 75 tons

  • Lance:  Verdict Lance - New Trial

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    Denouncement Commander

    Few men are capable of the cunning and strategy that Dalek Imir has mustered
    over the past decade.  A commanding officer and strategist through and
    through, Dalek was crushed to hear he would not be part of the
    Denouncement's major strike against the Strider's Strikers primary base in
    3065.  Instead Dalek spent most of the year preparing the next wave of
    Mechwarriors and technicians for future Denouncement strikes.
    Dalek's assignment turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  As the rest of the
    Strider's Strikers forces arrived back in the Irece system, the Denouncement
    and Word of Blake support forces found themselves fighting an invisible group
    of well-trained guerrilla fighters.  Even with large Mechs and the ammunition
    supplies such machines required, the Striker forces were able to strike and fade
    away before Denouncement units could bring their immense numbers to bear
    on the attackers.
    Dalek was one of the first to suggest that the Strikers had to have been warned
    of the coming attacks by their allies on Wasat in the Free Worlds League.  
    Among the primary suspects was Wasat Baron Grant Blanchon, a known Striker
    sympathizer and covert supporter.  Though Dalek brought this information to
    his Word of Blake comrades-in-arms, the Blakists appeared uninterested in any
    sort of vengeance against Grant Blanchon.  Dalek was shocked by the lack of
    reaction.  It was then that he first became cautious of the Toyama Blakist forces
    who'd offered the Denouncement so much support.  Even stranger were some
    of the orders being issued by superior officers within the Denouncement itself.  
    The unit lost most of its initial assets in 3066 when it failed to retreat from
    Striker and Huey hunting parties.
    Dalek was a company commander when the Denouncement attacked a second
    time in 3067.  With nearly unlimited support from their allies in the Word of
    Blake, the Denouncement decapitated and dismembered the Strikers unit in a
    series of quick strike operations.  More radical leaders in the group called for
    water-based poisons to be used against the mercenaries, but Dalek and several
    other members deemed the plan unconventionally cruel.  Despite major protests
    within the Denouncement, members of the Blakist's Sixth of June faction
    supported the plan and aided a small group of Denouncement followers in
    deploying a toxin into the mercenary unit's mess hall water supply.
    As Dalek watched each strike take place against the Strikers, he witnessed
    betrayal by Word of Blake forces.  Blakist allies were turning tail and protecting
    their own losses while encouraging Denouncement leaders to take unnecessary
    risks.  It seemed the once-close allies of the group had become comfortable
    with the destruction of their own Denouncement partners.
    Ordering several covert movements of forces at his command, Dalek moved to
    insure his units would survive the battles of 3067 and 3068.  He secretly
    stationed supplies and Mechs fresh from Wasat's reserves on the nearby
    Trilobite Moon.  He openly pushed for further support by Blakist troops.  
    However, with the Jihad already beginning the Blakists claimed they were short
    on troops already and could bring no further support to their now poorly-armed
    Denouncement friends.
    In early 3068, Dalek acquired the proof he'd been looking for.  Under intense
    torture by a member of his personal bodyguard, a captured Blakist double
    agent revealed the Toyama's plans to do away with the Denouncement
    altogether.  After ordering the 'disappearance' of the double agent, Dalek
    rapidly put his own plans into action.
    Though he had narrowly avoided the Nova Cats' orbital bombardment, Dalek
    was able to prevent Blakists from learning of his good fortune.  While Blakists
    believed he'd lost over 36 BattleMechs, Dalek instead used them to form the
    core of his own Denouncement subgroup.  It would be a small unit, but under
    his careful instruction it would survive the eventual betrayal that the rest of the
    Denouncement would not.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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