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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Stanletta Tweedle

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Female
Year of Birth:  3004
Place of Origin:  Federated Suns

Gunnery:  Not Applicable

Piloting:  Not Applicable

Pilots:  Not Applicable

Lance:  Not Applicable

...Not Applicable
...Not Applicable

Denouncement Co-Founder

Once a marginalized member of Comstar's technician lot, Stanletta gained new
opportunities when the Word of Blake was formed.  Not only did she align
herself with the new splinter group, but she also pulled strings to ensure she
would not be used for her engineering skills so easily.  After joining with several
of her closest colleagues, the small team created their own faction and
introduced it via an ultimatum to their Word of Blake superior.  Stanletta
became the original leader of this new group which called itself the
Stanletta used her newfound power to consolidate what technological might the
Word of Blake's Toyama faction possessed.  Doing so gave her great leverage
over a number of actual assets the Blakists possessed.  Additionally, she
commanded a number of secret facilities unknown to many in Comstar and the
Word of Blake.
In a show of power intended to impress and scare her opponents, Stanletta led
the Denouncement in a series of attacks.  She was chided by most of her Word
of Blake counterparts, but she was also being secretly supported by those
within the Word who recognized her as an upcoming threat to their
organization.  As the Denouncement overextended itself, it was forced to rely
on others in the Toyama faction for support.  It received aid from the Vampire's
Fangs mercenary unit, which had been created at almost the same time as the
Denouncement itself.
As her career progressed, Stanletta lost much of the vision she had for the
group.  She was crippled politically after losing many of her original forces to
Strider's Strikers.  She became obsessed with the group.  She studied its head
technician, Rocky Potts, and plotted his capture.  However her units failed her
time and again, eventually leaving her without any worthy intelligence network
to depend on.  As she grew more and more desperate, the Toyama faction's
internal spies infiltrated the Denouncement further with plans to destabilize the
group.  Stanletta became unable to maintain control over her creation.
The Denouncement lost nearly everything in 3066.  Stanletta was killed in her
personal barracks by an unknown assailant.  The group's remaining members
attached themselves to the Toyama faction.  Most were not so lucky however,
and were misguided into a final suicidal attack against Strider's Strikers on the
Nova Cat world of Miranda.  Only those under the command of Dalek Imir were
able to escape the fate that the Toyama had selected for them.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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