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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Sevahn Von Drakhul

Colonel - Lance Commander - Mechwarrior

Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3001
Place of Origin:  Free Worlds League

Gunnery:  2

Piloting:  3 with Tactical Genius Skill

  • Thunder Hawk TDK-7X, 100 tons

  • Lance: Primary Lance

    ...Thunder Hawk Photo Link

    Vampire's Fangs Commander

    Sevahn Von Drakhul is a man with an extremely twisted past.  The product of a
    destitute family and several criminal role models, Sevahn murdered for the first
    time as a young teenager.  He had grown well-accustomed to life on the streets
    of his native homeworld in the Chaos March, making an easy living on the basic
    criminal scams he'd picked up from the gang he spent most of his years with.  
    Known amongst his peers as an especially talented con artist, Sevahn excelled
    within the group to become its secondary leader.
    It didn't take Sevahn long to earn the ultimate respect of his followers.  His
    insistence on loyalty surpassed that of the gang's leader.  He gathered a loyal
    group of blood brothers and soon used their fanatical devotion as a means of
    taking over the gang for himself.  As its new leader, he organized and equipped
    the ragtag group by making connections with a powerful local kingpin.  The
    kingpin instantly recognized the fear Sevahn projected into his men.  He hired
    the young upstart to take over a larger role in the city's criminal dealings.
    Sevahn floated from one position to another in the criminal underworld.  He was
    capable as both an organizer and an enforcer.  This unique combination
    provided him with much free reign.  Many of his peers felt they could neither
    trust nor side against him.  Sevahn eventually settled into an enforcer position,
    though he took the liberty of cutting himself in for higher profits.
    Sevahn's financial well-being left him with more money than he'd ever know
    what to do with.  Despite this, he kept his material needs at a minimum.  He
    distanced himself from other leaders in his network and slowly but surely
    alienated himself completely.  He had become a special kind of enforcer,
    specializing in over-the-top headline murders to shock his enemies.  He found
    that his fame grew in parallel with his ever increasing lust for blood.  In a small
    number of worlds, Sevahn became known as 'the Vampyr' due to his apparent
    collection of his victims' blood.
    Sevahn used his great wealth to fund small-arms weapons research.  It was
    during this time of his life, his 30s, that he first learned to pilot a BattleMech.  
    He joined a specialized corporate division as a security Mechwarrior, where he
    met his colleague, Heinrich Borgov.  Sevahn soon quit the unit to purchase and
    pilot his own machine instead.  He organized his own lance of Mechwarriors and
    began taking contracts from his peers.  In this, he learned much of the practical
    tactics that would later aide him in his military course work at the Royal Arms
    Sevahn was contacted by members of the Word of Blake shortly after the
    organization was formed.  He became an immediate favorite of those within the
    Toyama faction and its subgroup, the Sixth of June.  Sevahn was offered a
    position as a commander of a small unit.  He took it without asking any
    Sevahn has been the commander of the Vampire's Fangs since.  He is well
    known by his enemies for his talent with offensive strategy.  Sevahn has always
    been able to initiate backup plans, even when his enemies hold most of the
    cards.  Even more frustrating for his opponents is his complete lack of mercy.  
    He often fires on innocents or takes hostages, only to enrage or threaten his
    enemies further.  He has shown an utter disregard for life in general.  As a
    result, he has been examined by intelligence agencies across the Inner Sphere.
    Sevahn is a well-guarded opponent to those wishing him harm.  The Word of
    Blake has realized his value to their future and placed their own network of
    agents to guard him from his known enemies.  Despite his seemingly deep
    devotion and loyalty to the Blakists, he only truly cares for his self.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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