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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Ular Nichten


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3014
Place of Origin:  Taurian Concordat

Gunnery:  1

Piloting:  1

  • Kodiak, 100 tons

  • Lance: Primary

    ...Kodiak Photo Link

    Elite Blakist Mechwarrior

    Ular Nichten is about as strange as a human being can get.  He was recruited
    into the Vampire's Fangs primarily for his piloting ability, but he is perfectly at
    home in the unit when it comes to personality.  Ular was a pilot in Comstar that
    fought during Battle of Tukayyid.  He has lived most of his adult years as a
    BattleMech pilot.  It is his job, his hobby, his obsession.  He started as an
    extremely talented young pilot and has only progressed to a point near
    perfection.  He has yet to meet an enemy capable of besting him in one on one
    combat.  His superior abilities have only been enhanced after his capture of a
    Clan Mech.  Its greater technological standards have given him an arsenal
    worthy of his gunnery skill.
    Ular often boasts of his victories.  His most common story of glory is about his
    victory piloting a 70-ton Shootist against a 100-ton Kodiak.  After defeating his
    enemy, he earned the right to salvage it.  He let the achievement go to his head,
    but that is nothing uncommon for Ular.
    Ular is an unusual looking fellow.  He spends little time on personal grooming or
    appearance.  His teammates take care not to mention any rude remarks to his
    face.  They know his personality has a dark sense of humor;  he would no
    doubt take pleasure getting revenge on anyone intent on putting him down.  He
    has been known to show a vicious side during battle as well.  His rage comes
    out in the form of well-placed shots that shatter any enemy Mechs around him.
    Ular holds a deep grudge against the Strider's Strikers command lance pilots.  
    He once faced them during a meteor storm and was knocked unconscious after
    his Mech was struck by large meteorites.  Though his enemies had little to do
    with his misfortune, he blames them for his bad luck.  Had his Mech not been
    hit by the meteorites during that pitched battle, Ular would have effortlessly
    saved his team from an insulting defeat.  Instead the Strikers triumphed the
    Vampire's Fangs for a second time and set the stage for the two teams' later
    violent duels.

    This profile was last updated in 3068.
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