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Profile Sketches by Nikola Temkov

Navin Johnson


Sketch by Nikola Temkov

Sex:  Male
Year of Birth:  3023
Place of Origin:  Hanseatic League

Gunnery:  3

Piloting:  3

Pilots:  ?

Lance:  ?


Blakist Sleeper Agent

Navin Johnson is a Blakist sleeper agent hiding in the surviving sect of the
Denouncement.  Hired at first to direct violence towards the Strider's Strikers
and gather information on The Crusaders mercenaries, Navin was soon asked
to sabotage the organization by setting it up for a massive military failure.  He
has undergone tremendous amounts of surgery to alter his appearance to blend
in unnoticed.  He faces extreme danger because the surviving remnants of the
Denouncement sect harbor unbound hatred for their ex-allies within the Word of
Blake.  This is a result of the Denouncement survivors having found out how
they were misled by their parent organization in 3065.
Navin faces difficult tasks in his mission to keep the Denouncement
organization in check.  He was fortunate enough to be one of those working
under Dalek Imir when the man had set his own set of plans into action.  Navin
is largely unsupported in his new situation, and has struggled to keep abreast
of Dalek's plans for the small unit.  One positive aspect for Navin is his training
in assassination.  He may be able to rid the group of its leader if needed.  In the
meantime, he is collecting data on the group and plotting how he will contact
his superiors when given a chance to do so.

This profile was last updated in 3068.
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