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Temporary Barracks
New Kent
Clan Space
First Quarter, 3051

“Ha! You have lost again Sasha. Perhaps you are not as lucky as they say you are.” Tac smiled.

“Yes, I believe I have. There is no measure of luck in Chess, however.” Sasha smiled back. “You are my superior in this.” She laid her king on its side. “Another game quiaff?” He was already busily setting the pieces in their original positions.

“Aff. Aff. And, undoubtedly another loss to my better.” Sasha didn’t mind losing the game, it mattered little. Tac was very good at chess. In fact, he was so good, no one in the sibko could defeat him. Of course, he had not played the ‘Old Snake’, the trainer, Tiveli. For all the years Tiveli had to practice the game, no doubt he would win.

“You prepared for tomorrow’s simulator run, quiaff?” No doubt she would win, she had studied for the simulation, and knew every strategy the enemy could deploy, as well as everything needed to counter it.

“There, let us begin.” He moved his pawn. “Of course I am prepared, as any warrior should be, in fact, needs to be.” “To be prepared might not save you.” Sasha warned. “I never expected it would.”

“Still, there is something up your sleeve my friend.” Sasha said, Tac smiled. “Of course not, I have no information that you yourself have not seen.” “Ah, so you agree I know your strategy for the battle quiaff?” “Ha! You do indeed, I am sure.”

“We shall see how you do, it matters not to me. You are, after all, in a different group than I am.”

“To be sure, we shall see.” He moved his knight. “I see your mind is already mulling over the variables and players in tomorrow’s battle.”

“What makes you say that?” Sasha moved her queen. “I have you right where I want you.”

“I am sure you do. However, I think you may be one move behind, but we shall see.” He smiled like a cat playing with its prey.

“In a moment longer you will not be smiling like that.” "Oh, I believe I will be. Look at the board, you have already lost, quiaff?” He continued to smile.

She studied the board for but a moment, “Aff, I believe you are correct, one move too late.”

“As always, you were easily distracted this time.” He never stopped smiling that damnable smile.

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