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The Carns File

Nova Cat Historical Archives
Warrior Summary: Devon Carns, Data Entered November 7, 3062

Devon’s life started just like any other Trueborn Clan member. Rigorous training and studies began earlier than he could remember. Throughout his youth, he excelled at everything he put his mind to.

Early on, he showed a special aptitude to physical fighting. He thoroughly enjoyed any type of hand to hand combat and he slowly found that he could even fight his trainers. As he moved into Mechwarrior training, he also found he was suited to the intense life of a Mech pilot. His skills as a pilot were only shadowed by his individual fighting prowess. In his Trial of Position, he was able to best two enemy Mechs, securing his right to a slot as a Star Commander.

His first posting was on the Inner Sphere planet of Sawyer. Even though he was too young to take part in the initial push into the Inner Sphere, he was moved to a garrison post on the planet. His first battle came at the hands of raiders from the distant planet of Wolcott. A strike force of 2 battalions dropped on the planet to perform a raid in force. As they closed on the planet, the Nova Cat forces bid and Star Commander Devon won the right to launch a flanking attack on the assaulting forces. He took his small force of medium Mechs, led by his Stormcrow around the side of the attacking force.

As the Kurita forces joined the battle, they slowly forced the Cats back. Using mixed forces of heavy Mechs and light, extremely fast hovercraft, the Kuritans whittled away the Nova Cats, slower assault cluster. Out of contact with headquarters due to extensive Kurita jamming, Devon had no idea his unit was under such heavy assault. By a stroke of incredible luck, as Devon led his forces around the enemy lines, he stumbled upon a Kurita artillery company. Easily dispatching the guard Mechs, a Panther, Dragon, and two Sentinels, he closed on the artillery pieces. Needing information, he dispatched two of his Mechwarriors to contact the nearest Cat position.

After nearly an hour wait, just as Devon was getting too impatient and was about to recall his units for an attack, one returned. His Mechwarrior reported that the other Star member was trapped by an Avatar and an upgraded Charger. His light Cougar had tried to evade their heavy fire, but he was slowly overcome by a massive volley of lasers in the cockpit. He successfully held the Mechs so Stirn’s Kitfox could make a mad dash towards Devon’s position. His report was that the Kurita units were forcing the Nova Cat cluster back and would soon trap them against the sea. They needed immediate support or they would be utterly annihilated.

The Kurita forces had a solid chance of retaking a world they were just trying to raid. Devon saw his chance to use the enemies equipment against them. He had his men dismount from their Mechs and redirect the artillery pieces. After they were ready, he left Stirn in command of the captured pieces, under orders to wait for the signal to launch an artillery bombardment. Devon and his two remaining warriors took their Stormcrow, Adder, and Mist Lynx and closed on the enemies rear positions. Just as he was closing into firing range, he opened communications with the enemy commander.

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