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“Enemy commander, this is Star Commander Devon of the Nova Cat striker Star Gamma. You are surrounded by my units and will suffer heavy casualties if you do not stop your assault and return to your Dropships at once.”

The enemy commander replied back, “Star Commander, if your assaulting force was more than three light Mechs, I would consider your message as something more than a bluff. An unworthy tactic for a honorable Clan warrior.”

This comment obviously had the intended affect because Devon was furious. He immediately contacted the commander and said, “You will eat the words you have uttered, I will meet you on the field of battle”.

The enemy commander ordered his forces to hold the rest of the Nova Cats at bay while he disposed of the nuisance in the rear. He brought his Atlas assault Mech around and began bearing down on Devon’s Stormcrow. Devon knew that in a heads up fight, he couldn’t stand a chance. He especially realized this when the silvery streak of a Gauss rifle ball slipped past his cockpit. This tore him out of his momentary lull and he rushed into the thick of it. Using his lighter Mech’s incredible speed, he bore down on the heavy enemy. He knew that with the enemies long range rifle and missiles, he had to close it up and bring his powerful pulse lasers to bear. Taking a hit from enemy missiles, he peppered the enemies right torso with pulse laser blasts.

A hit from the enemies Gauss rifle nearly sheared off one of the Stormcrow's arms, but by some great feat, Devon kept his Mech upright and pummeling the enemies torso. Slowly the layers of armor fell away under the furious onslaught of pulses. Finally, after receiving massive damage to his center torso and losing his right arm, he penetrated the Atlas’s ammo bin. The bins remaining ammo exploded in a massive blast, severing the arm and damaging the Atlas’s engine. In the process, the blast knocked Devon’s Mech clean off its feet. The landing crushed even more of his armor, thinning out the remaining torso armor and destroying more weapons. The canopy of his Mech even blasted out, blowing shards throughout his cockpit and gouging Devon’s side deeply. Blood began flowing swiftly from the wound but he knew that if the Atlas wasn’t finished yet, he had to do it quickly. As he slowly rolled his Mech back to a standing position, he found a charred visage staring back at him. When the Atlas’s ammo went up, the panels for the Mechs CASE blew out and most of the explosive force was directed away from the delicate internals. For some unknown reason, not all of the blast was directed through the rear of the Mech. The death’s head faceplate on the Atlas lived up to its name, scorch marks lined the eye-like windows and the cockpit inside was burned to a crisp.

Obviously, the Kuritan commander was dead, his Mech standing like a statue on the battlefield. After the initial shock of his exploits, Devon realized the time was ripe to turn the tide of battle. Opening his commline to all Mechs, he announced, “that was your one and only warning, all Mechs, attack!” Immediately after this, he called in his artillery barrages.

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