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As soon as this concept was thought up, the perfect warrior was obvious. Devon was sent to the small mercenary group “Strider’s Strikers”. This team was a small force and he immediately set about creating a name for himself within the group. Soon the others came to accept him as a member.

His social skills are less than some of the other more charismatic team members. However they know they can rely on him for his devastatingly accurate long range fire. Throughout the many battles he fought alongside the Strikers, he slowly improved his combat effectiveness and learned many lessons from his teammates, especially from the grizzled mercenary leader, Mike Strider himself.

The team finally met its match when a large strike force of Word of Blake Mechs was sent to remove the Strikers from their base planet. After taking heavy losses the Strikers finally got a rest. During this time they packed up as much of their equipment on their two Dropships and headed to their Jumpship. En route, enemy fighters harassed them, but the mercenary’s fighters held them at bay and they were able to jump. The team has been jumping from system to system, trying to outrun the dogged pursuit by the Word of Blake forces, but they will have to stop for resupply soon.

Only time will tell what is in store for Devon Carns and the Strider’s Strikers.

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