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Reinforced Company Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Merrick Leghorn

Combat Specialty: Guerrilla Warfare

Trained since birth to take over his parents' mercenary unit, Merrick Leghorn is a capable commander and an amazing gunner. He is even more formidable with the advice of his mother, who still commands the Acer's Hueys Assault Lance.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Dr. Suzy Evans, Von Sturmer, Holden Trumphay

Gunnery Average: 1.87

Piloting Average: 3.18

Skill Level: 5

Tech Level: 3 (Mixed Inner Sphere)

Experience Level: 5 (Aged Veterans)

Tactics Level: 5 (Aided by Veteran Tacticians)

Threat Level: 4-5 (High-Very High)

Acer's Hueys Command Company is made up of almost entirely elite and veteran pilots. The Hueys were originally set up in such a way that they could function as three separate attack or defensive forces. As a result they have many tacticians and skilled fighters in each lance. This original setup also provided training that now allows each lance to work totally independently of one another.

The command lance is led by Merrick Leghorn, who pilots his fighter's 85-ton Stalker. The modified design sports long range weaponry. Aided by smaller designs wielding missiles, this lance is well-suited for long range combat.

The assault lance is led by the skilled tactician Dr. Suzy Evans. Though it is considered light for an assault group, the lance makes up for firepower in experience and its modified Hunchback design. This Mech is used to target a damaged enemy Mech's weak points with a highly concentrated barrage of laser fire. The group's tactics evolved to suit this specialized weapons configuration.

Lance leader Von Sturmer commands the scout lance, which is composed of all medium-sized Mechs. Coupled with the veterans' experience, these larger Mechs' firepower make the lance deadly when matched against scouts.

Rounding out the reinforced company is the backup lance led by Holden Trumphay. Made up of medium-sized Mechs, this group focuses on long range fire support in the form of missiles. With their combined firepower, the four Mechs are lethal.

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