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Reinforced Company Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Sir Owen Hardcastle

Combat Specialty: Rolling Assault

Sir Owen Hardcastle leads the Strikers Assault Company. He is famous for his sense of honor, likely one of the very qualities that determined his past position on the Knights of the Inner Sphere. Owen is a cautious commander who knows the responsibly that comes with command. He values his lance commanders opinions greatly and often acts on their advice.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Sameer Carter, Norbert Owens, Maria Perez

Gunnery Average: 3.06

Piloting Average: 4.31

Skill Level: 2-3

Tech Level: 3

Experience Level: 3

Tactics Level: 3-4

Threat Level: 3 (Moderate)

Specializing in heavy attacks, the Assault Company is made up of Mechwarriors and machines from all areas of the Inner Sphere. Battle tactics frequently change at any officer's worthy suggestion, as long as the plan gets the commander's approval. This unique characteristic of the Assault Company often misleads enemies.

Experienced, duelist Mechwarriors make up the command lance. Two of the pilots are former Knights of the Inner Sphere. The other two bring specialized dueling skills obtained from years of fighting on Solaris VII. All Mechwarriors pilot assault machines.

The assault lance of the group boasts newer technology, including a single Clan Mech. The War Dog and two 75-ton assault Mechs provide deadly support in the way of 5 Gauss rifles. The group's only drawback is their overall lack of battlefield experience.

The scout lance is headed by the elite scout pilot Norbert Owens. Though Owens commands a group of rather inexperienced warriors, they constantly benefit from his wisdom and tactics. Gretta Anderson's Hollander provides long range support in the form of a Gauss rifle.

The backup lance for the Assault Company sport new machines, all ranging from the 3060s. Experienced commander Maria Perez leads the lance, which specialize in fast attacks. This tendency and her usual battlefield tactics have earned them the 'Blitz' nickname.

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