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Reinforced Company Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Mike C. Strider

Combat Specialty: Tactical Assault

Known as a tactical genius when it comes to battlefield strategy, Mike Strider is the perfect commander for his unit. He is at his best organizing attacks when against the odds, able to find weak points in enemy defenses in most situations.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Devon Carns, Sasha Breen, Fox

Gunnery Average: 2.35

Piloting Average: 3.82

Skill Level: 3-4

Tech Level: 4-5 (Clan Upgrades)

Experience Level: 3-4

Tactics Level: 4-5 (Tactical Genius Commanding)

Threat Level: 4 (High)

Strider's Strikers Command Company fields an assortment of modified designs, which are typically tailored for either short or long range combat specifically.

Using this range technique primarily is the Command lance under Mike Strider. With the Orion's long range abilities and the custom Infighter's close range tendencies, this lance often concentrates its firepower on the largest enemy Mech.

The primary threat in the company lies in the long range capabilities of Devon Carns' assault lance. The lance's only drawback seems to be in Dana Douglas's skills. However the unique configuration of this lance's weaponry is the deadliest factor the command company possesses.

Supporting these lances is an excellent team of scouts. This group is unique in that its lance leader is a talented Clan Mechwarrior piloting a 40 ton Mech, which is capable of destroying much larger Mechs. With special equipment such as TAG artillery spotters, the scout lance gives the command company both extra offensive and defensive options.

The Command Company's backup star consists of 5 solahama Mechwarriors from Clan Nova Cat. Commanded by Tukayyid veteran Mechwarrior Fox, the group of misfit warriors uses entirely Inner Sphere designs. However they field Mechs ranging from Light to Assault designs. Their abilities range from veteran to beginner levels.

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