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Reinforced Company Analysis

  • Command
  • Skills
  • Assessment

Commanding Officer: Duo Maxwell

Combat Specialty: Rapid Deployment

A true warrior trained in several disciplines, Duo Maxwell leads the Defensive Company's odd assortment of Mechwarriors. With his unique approach and the respect of all those under his command, he has formed a formidable force despite its weaknesses.

Other Lance/Star Commanders: Lamont Sanford, Betty Stalwart, Rocky Potts

Gunnery Average: 3.81

Piloting Average: 4.62

Skill Level: 1-2 (Mostly Amateur Pilots)

Tech Level: 3-4 (Limited Clan Upgrades)

Experience Level: 2

Tactics Level: 3-4 (Capable Tactician Commanding)

Threat Level: 2 (Low)

The Defensive Company lacks the skill of most other units in the Strider's Strikers cooperative. Many of the Mechwarriors are amateur or new pilots, trying their hand at combat. Others are members of the unit that have volunteered to help do more than their usual jobs, such as scientists or security supervisors. Still some are typical pilots.

The command lance is made up of regular Mechwarriors fielding modified designs. The Hatamoto-Chi is modified for harder hitting close combat attacks. The Thunderbolt missiles of the Catapult provide the group with a hard hitting punch at ranges, as do the Rakshasa and Hercules Mechs' traditional long range missiles.

The assault lance has more experienced Mechwarriors, though some are better equipped to skirmish rather than defend would-be targets. PPCs are the signature mark of this lance. Again the Mechwarriors come from a variety of backgrounds.

Betty Stalwart leads the group of green pilots who make up the scout lance. The lance usually takes immediate orders from their commanders, never acting as a separate entity because of their limited battle knowledge. All Mechs are relatively small, excluding the custom Hussar LAM.

The backup lance is composed of largely amateur pilots. The head of security, Mural Rye-Del, along with head tech Rocky Potts command this group of light and medium designs. All members are new to actual combat and are undergoing training.

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