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The 95-ton Albatross of Sir Owen Hardcastle - Art by Chris Kotthoff

The rare Albatross of the Free Worlds League only appears on the Strikers team because of Sir Owen Hardcastle's desire to keep his original Knights of the Inner Sphere design. Sir Owen, who was disgraced in a setup by the Word of Blake, is unable to obtain support for the design himself. However the Strikers team as a whole has visibly good relations with the League, and replacement shipments are not uncommon with their suppliers under the Marik government.

..."My Albatross represents all that was of my former life. Though I have rebuilt since then and earned a commanding position higher than that which I used to have in the Knights, I still look back on that unit with sad eyes. I hope they can return to the respectable position they used to hold, and my Albatross is a living embodiment of that prayer. Justice will come to the Inner Sphere in all that I do, and the Albatross will remind my enemies of my origin and its strength."

...Sir Owen Hardcastle

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